POST: 'Frankenstein The Musical' - dreams can be dangerous

What it's about.

In this musical, Mr. Frankenstein reminisces about his life. The scientist, Victor Frankenstein, dreamt of creating life and that ambition ultimately left him an empty shell of the man he was years ago. 

My experience.

Dreams can become an obsessive desire that lead to dismay and the loss of everyone we love. 

It all started with Victor seeing the people he lost coming to him and telling him that he could of saved them. Victor went on to tell the audience about how he left home to go to the university to start on his dream of creating something that would get him praised for it -- life, yes creating life. He became obsessed with his dream and slowly but surely it took over his life and also his world.

I instantly related to him because I had a dream once and it consumed my life. My whole facial expression was like "OMG!!!! this is going to tear his life apart". One minute you're dreaming and the next you find yourself living your dream in the most annoying way possible. I remember back in my home country, my school was hosting an annual competition for singers and I wanted to be in it. With everything I did, I had to sing. If I was in the shower, I sang. If I was eating, I sang. In class, I sang... and the list would go on and on. My father became so annoyed with me because I wouldn't "Shut the hell up", in his words. When the competition was finally here I did my thing and I got in, only to realize that it would mean I would have to continue singing and practicing and I would have to push away everyone just to focus. 

After many failed attempts in his mission, he finally succeeded in creating his obsession, life. However, one glance at his creation and he was sick to his stomach. The Monster, His Monster. It made me realize that many times, in my own experience, I've had a dream that turned into something I hated at first glance. I never took into consideration that if only I had given it a chance to prove itself worthy, I might of loved it. The Monster was kicked out the moment his birth was complete. This made me think of my own life. What if my parents threw me out the moment I was born... would I be the woman I am today? I would be seeking love anywhere I saw possible and that's exactly what the monster did.

The story continued to unfold with the deaths of Victor's loved ones and his monstrous guilt that grew with it as well. His Monster killed those people, but Victor also killed them, even if he didn't do so with his own hands. Being too proud and selfish turned Victor into an equal amount of a monster as his creation was. He was too afraid to come out with the truth, fearing the worst - that everyone he loved would turn on him. However something even more dreadful happened. He lost everyone. I remember when I was a little girl and I did something wrong, I would hide from telling the truth. I didn't want my family to think bad of me, but me holding in the truth only made them think and see me as someone that's a liar and selfish. I held on to the lie because of my own selfish gain, just like Victor. He knew what his monster had done and didn't want to come clean. Being too scared to face the consequences of your actions will only lead to dismay.

This musical reminded me to never wait until everything is crashing down to put a stop to a situation I created, but take matters into my own hands and face up to my consequences, before it's too late. 

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