POST: Fordham's 'The Winter's Tale' - the mind is definitely a weapon

What's it about ?

A Shakespearen play about a king who is overcome with jealousy, leading to various not-so-awesome events happening.

What I experienced? 

I honestly did not know what to expect as this is one of Shakespeare's plays that I am not familiar with. This fact made me excited, because I like being surprised.

Like most shows with a Royal Family there was a ball and it looked so chill. I wanted to be guest so bad. But then the actors began speaking. I found it hard to understand them at first as they were speaking in old-time English but I quickly adjusted. Turns out that the King was super jealous of his wife, who was speaking with his friend, another King. He thought his (pregnant) wife was cheating on him. I mean COME ON bruh she is having your second child CHILL OUT!!! This is something that could easily be fixed and I wanted to get that through his head.

As I kept watching, it made me sad to see this king become worse and worse. 
He started by ordering his guard to kill his friend (*spoiler: He doesn't die*). Then, he imprisoned his wife where she delivered the baby and fell ill. To make matters worse, he refused the baby and she was taken away. I just wanted to yell "STOP!! You are going to regret this!" Then the worst happened, his eldest son and wife DIED!!!

NOOOO!!! This was to much to take in. Part of me didn't understand how he was letting things get this far.  The other part of me, understood. I know what it's like to have your emotions take over your mind. If that is the case, it's important to take a step back and look at everything... more clearly. The king failed to do this and grew miserable.

After all the crappy results, the king regrets what his emotions have done to him... DUH!!! *ROLLS EYES*. At this point I felt a mix of annoyed and bad for him because I know what it feels like to lose control, but his stubbornness made me want to yell, "See, this is what happens when you don't relax". 

Luckily he gets a happy ending when he finds his second child, the one he once refused and lost, and makes up with his old friend (yes, the one he wanted dead) and finally begins to live happy. I liked this a lot, because people do make mistakes and when you are truly sorry then you do deserve a second chance.

I left thinking WOW! The mind is definitely a weapon, and our emotions are the trigger. The mind plays tricks, but it's important to realize that not everything is always how you see it. 

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