POST: 'Fierce and Deadly 1988' - I got a low key crush on Pepe

What's the show about?

Someone has murdered your beautiful drag queen sister, Venus, and you have to find out who. 

What I experienced?

Y’all. I got a confession. I think I got a low key crush on Pepe.

So, I’m hella awkward. I chose this show just like I choose every show. I want to get out of my comfort zone and be a little less awkward, and let me tell you, it definitely does. If you’re looking to kick back and not socialize, this ain’t your show.

Now, the reason for the show’s awesomeness. One word y’all. Pepe. I get that I’m bias, having a tiny crush and all, but from the moment the show started to the walk home, only one thing stuck with me: Pepe.

He struts his way into the room all upbeat and energetic. He’s meeting people, cracking jokes, and getting them to mingle, including me. He just puts everyone at ease and is a straight up good time. I’d totally hang with him. He seems like the chilliest dude.

He’s the reason why I met Jason, a new friend of mine. We started talking at the show and even exchanged numbers. Like, isn’t that amazing? He made a friendship. Technically. Sort of.

Now, here’s the highlights:

Remember now, highlight numbero uno will always be Pepe. Trust me.

Fans: They teach you a ton about fans. How to hold ‘em, open ‘em, chop with ‘em. Everything. Even throw shade. I didn’t know I was doing it wrong this whole time. Haha. Your girl even got complimented on her opening fan skills from Pepe. Cue the blush sesh. We even have this fan battle with the other side of the room. It was amazing.

BUT! That did not top this next part

THE RUNWAY: Best part. I cheated. I skimmed a review before seeing this show (sorry >-<), so I knew this was coming. Prior to going to the show, I was ready to walk that runway, but when the time came, I hesitated. I watched as Pepe killed his runway walk, and I wasn’t sure I could do the same. He comes up to Jason, who kindly refuses, but notices me staring. He asks me, and I hesitantly give him my hand, sealing my fate. At that point, it’s too late, so I’m like “fuck it.” I strut down the runway, and it feels great. Where has this been all my life? And I got to do it with Pepe.  

Then, we’re off to solve the mystery. I’m gonna be real witchu. Not my thing, which is partially my fault. I should’ve realized it was a murder mystery instead of just skimming the first two lines. Walking around in the hot sun doing group work isn’t the interactive I was looking to do, but it was cool. Seeing people on random parts of the street waiting to talk to you. All the different character personalities. It’s a fun thing. Just not MY thing.

We return to tell them what we found and who we think it is. The entire time, and even now, I still think it was Pepe. You ever watch Law and Order SVU or any of the Law and Orders and realize it was the one you least suspected the whole time? Yeah. That was Pepe, but I digress.

Mr. G, who I can tell you nothing about, storms into the room yelling. He gets way too close to Pepe, and I feel myself getting defensive. Like don’t you get loud with my boo. If he even dared to fake hurt my boo, it’d be a Mean Girls lunch scene all over again.

I clearly am too attached to Pepe, but yeah. We solve the mystery and sadly it’s predictable who did it. We all part ways, and here I am. Writing an article about a guy in a show who will probably think I’m crazy because the whole article is about him, but he made a shitty day just that much better, so am I really crazy? Yeah. Okay.  

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