POST: 'Ernest Shackleton Loves Me' - struggle is real

What's it about?

The play follows a single mother aspiring to be a unique musician. Unfortunately, she is not lucky in making ends meet. She hopes for a miracle to come, and soon her wishes are granted in the form of a man named Ernest Shackleton.

What I experienced?

I must say, I had the best seat in the house. I was in the front row in the middle of the row. The show began without the audience realizing it because the main character was dressed as a stage crew member sprinkling fake snow on the floor. It was not until he started cracking funny jokes, that I realized the show has begun. The main character, Kat, is a single mother struggling to be a musician. She has an interesting way of playing 3 different instruments at the same time while she sings. But her talent is not being seen by the rest of the world, so she is barely making a living doing it. Her dead beat baby daddy is exactly what he is. He does not have a care in the world for his child or Kat. He basically wants to live life with no responsibility. Men like this should have "caution" written on their foreheads warning females to not expect much from them. 

At the lowest point in her life, juggling her career, child, and dead beat baby daddy - Kat hopes for a miracle. That miracle was granted, because Ernest Shackleton. He heard her struggle through her music and took her on a journey a 100 years prior... Let me explain. Ernest Shackleton was a real life polar explorer who led three British expeditions to the Antarctic. Ernest was first attracted to Kat via her music and voice but when he actually saw her in person he fell in love with her. Kat could not wrap her head around how an explorer from over a 100 years ago showed up on her doorstep professing his love for her and her music. So, in order for Kat to believe what she is witnessing is real, Ernest takes her back in time to his expedition in Antarctica.

Though the struggle that comes with exploring untouched lands is beyond difficult, the only way Ernest is able to get through it was via Kat's music. Kat was excited that someone was finally noticing her unique talent but she did not know if she was up for the exploration in such frigid conditions. Ultimately Kat went along with Ernest and through their journey in the arctic, they experienced starvation, frigid temperatures, and more. But Kat's music kept their spirits alive through their journey all the way to the very end. At times a moment such as the one Kat experienced can make you take a look at life differently and take action. I believe these moments comes where you are at your worst, in order to take you out of that state of mind. The struggle is real but the harder you work and continue to have a positive mindset, I believe you will go far. 

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