POST: 'En El Nombre del Salomé' - we can't forget where we come from

What's it about?

Camila, daughter of Salome, tells the story of her and her mother to explain the legacy of her mother. 

What I experienced? 

The theater had this cozy feel to it and what stuck out to me was the small screens in front of every seat. I wasn't too sure what it was, and like a child, I touched it out of curiosity. The screens were for subtitles in languages - YASSSS! We NEED more of those. Although the play was in Spanish, it felt like anyone was welcome! 

The show started abruptly after a overhead message, and I was instantly captivated. The main character, Camila, tells the story of Salomé, her mother, while walking around an abandoned classroom. Even with the few things on stage, I was transported to wherever they wanted me to be. Especially because of the costumes, I was able to use my imagination. It was weird. I didn't know my imagination was still in business, but it was!! I imagined the streets, the cars, even the bedroom. If it was needed for the scene, then it was in my mind. 

At one moment, I was in the 1900s, and in the next, I was in the 1800s. It was insane! My mind adjusted to both sides of the story, and I was so excited to know how a mother and daughter's tale could connect. Like, there was this one scene where Camila is caught kissing her female roommate by her brother of all people. Then, in a flash, the audience gets transported to the 1800's, where Salome confronts her cheating husband. #hessuchaloser.  I was all in soap opera mode, on the edge of my seat, waiting to know what she would do. I LOVE DRAMATIC SCENES!! I was flipping out!!! I was like "holy shit how can I even deal with ALL THIS DRAMAAA!?!?!" I loved it!!! 

Both stories obviously connect at one point, where Camila is born and she is in her mothers arms. That was what made it so beautiful. The fact that two different generations could connect so seamlessly.  In the end, we can't forget where we come from or what we experience.

Want to see it?

Sorry, this show is not currently showing :(

What did you experience?

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