POST: 'Dolphins and Sharks' - you and your best friend work at the same company...

What's it about?

If you and your best friend work at the same company and one of you becomes the manager, would you let your bestie get away with things or would you be the friend that turns into someone else?

What I experienced?

Xiomara and Isabel have been working for Mr. Timmons together for a pretty long time, at his privately owned printing company. Isabel has been working in the printing shop longer than Xiomara has. Boxes of papers, computers and big old printers bombard the stage. The whole time I was sitting in the audience I kept asking myself Are we in Staples, or FedEx Print or something? BECAUSE IT SURE FEELS LIKE IT!" I think it almost smelled like a Staples too, you know the printer burning smell.

Xiomara and Isabel were a team, and they always did everything together. They joked about customers, came and left work together, and they would even steal from the store register together. They called stealing "borrowing" because they always put the money back but little did they know this bad habit was going to haunt one of them in the near future. 

So Mr. Timmons, the owner of the store, fired his old manager and is now in search of a new one. Xiomara encourages Isabel to go for the position. She knew that Mr. Timmons thought highly of her and she would have a good chance of getting it. Isabel was slightly apprehensive but went for it. I personally thought that Xiomara should've went for it, because she's worked there longer than Isabel and has way more customer service experience than her. But, Xiomara really wanted her best friend to get the new position because she knew if her bestie won, she automatically wins by association. 


After Xiomara's meeting --- she got the job!

Isabel asked Xiomara to promise that she'll never switch up on her and become a stern boss... but over time that's exactly what Xiomara did. I was torn watching this because I was like I understand Isabel has to do her job and be the same way to every employee, but at the same time Isabel is your best friend and if she wants to take an extra 10 minutes on her break then isn't there some kind of girl code that allows that?

A few days later Yusuf, a new employee, started stealing money from the register because he wanted a raise. Every time Xiomara asked him about it he denied it and said it was Isabel who was stealing. Xiomara automatically believed Yusuf because she knew that they used to steal from the register together. That right there broke my heart. I couldn't believe how easy it was for her to believe someone who was brand new over her long time best friend! It was almost like she never even knew her, but then again, I understood how it was easy to believe him because it was something that was so common among them! I was torn this entire play to be honest!

Xiomara ended up firing Isabel, and Isabel definitely didn't go out without a fight. She was fussing and made a whole scene (as she should!) because she knew she didn't do anything. Eventually Yusuf admitted that it was him and you could see how bad Xiomara felt. 

But here is the deal - everybody was just trying to make it. Yusuf, Xiomara, Isabel, and everyone at the company just wanted to make their money while trying their best to juggle family drama and paying their bills. In the midst of all that, sometimes they forgot how much they meant to each other. Instead of banning together like dolphins do to avoid a shark attack, they were at each other's necks and let the situation come between them and their friendships. 

It's not easy when you have to treat someone differently but it can be done...

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