POST: 'Diva: Live from Hell' - dang, divas are cool

What's It about?

A teenage boy must retell the story of his death for all eternity as punishment for the crime he had committed in high school.

What I experienced?

First off, the story has a diva, which means I know it's gonna be real, dramatic, and hella entertaining. Add in a little dose of evil and I know that I am in for a grand show.  I know I was about to get all dramatic even before the show started because when I tried to sit down some dodo brain lady was all "you can't sit here I'm saving these three seats." Yes, that's right. Not one, not two, but THREE seats. Um, lady, that's not how first come first serve works. But, I wanted to leave the drama for the show so I just look at her and say okkkkkkkkk and find another seat. #rude.

The main guy comes out in a silver glitter suit, black bow tie, and shiny eyeshadow. Yup, that's our diva. He starts his intro by describing his love of theater and as the show goes on, I realize there are a lot of theater references I'm pretty sure I wasn't getting, because there were lots of older people that kept laughing and I wasn't sure why. Kinda felt outta the loop #sad. Said diva introduces himself as Desmond Channing, the drama club president, cast in the lead role of the school play. All goes well until a new transfer student from New York named Evan Harris joins the drama club. It becomes clear early on that this is a one man show and he is REALLY good at talking (and singing!) in many different voices.

Pretty quickly Desmond's life turns to shit, as this new kid starts getting everything Desmond wants. It starts out with his crush from second grade, and it only spirals from there. The drama director calls him a diva at a rehearsal and he goes APE on EVERYONE and it is glorious. He is just roasting each of his other classmates and it is the funniest thing to watch while you're just like OHHHHHHHH SHAAAAAAAAADDDDDEEEEEEEE. He ends with a drop mic by quitting as club president. Life goes on and the his lead role is given to guess who? Evan. The club then impeaches him and elects Evan as president and it's like LOL.

It's such a classic new guy comes into your life and takes everything you wanted type plot. But like WAY more entertaining because it's told by a dramatic diva which makes it HILARIOUS. I was quite enjoying this, but then things got twisted REAL QUICK as opening night of the show Desmond proceeds to run over Evan with his van. The sick twist is that Evan was actually alive after he got hit. Desmond goes up to him and says hello? How are you enjoying my show?! before placing his head under the back tire and then tells how he CRUSHED his head and you're like WHOA MAN. This is like, a whole nother level. Like, it was kinda funny before but you need some help. And I'm like, ok, that was pretty messed up. I can see why you're in hell. But we're near the end of the show! Why are you dead?! I'm quite impatient as literally two minutes later, it is revealed that his best friend sees the whole thing from her window. The police try to arrest him at school the next day, and he is hit by a truck while trying to run away, and then you're like ohhhhhhhh k. Gotcha. And then the play ends with him having to start again.

I left feeling like dang divas are cool, and entertaining! Why do they get such a bad rep? I felt like maybe my life would be more interesting and funny if I embraced more of my inner diva. Except, minus the homicide.

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