POST: 'Dia De Los Muertos' - my dad's eyes were sparkling

What it's about.

A rich man wants to court a beautiful dancer. When she chooses another dancer over the rich man, he makes a plan to poison the man; but accidentally kills her. She is welcomed into the afterlife. 

My experience. 

This is the first show I saw with my parents. 

Right as the show began, my father was leaning in belting out the lyrics of the songs. As much I loved hearing my dad's excitement in knowing the songs, I wondered if he was interrupting the show. Were there people around us getting annoyed? Was he overpowering the music in our row?

My dad's eyes were sparkling, close to tears he told me that he used to be in a folkloric dance performance when he was younger. 

On stage, the women danced in beautiful traditional Mexican dresses. I sat mesmerized by the rhythmic swirls of the dress and by the stomping of the shoes. I wondered how a dancer could stay smiling for so long. Do they feel the happiness when they're dancing? I loved the "wooping" that the performers did while dancing, as if taken over by the dancing or urging the other dancers to keep going. 

When the rich man paid the waiter to get the beautiful dancer in red, he was upset to find out that she preferred another male dancer dress in red as well. In exchange, both men danced battled to see who would win. My mom leaned in laughing saying that it reminded her for two turkey's battling each other. 

During intermission, I joked with my parents in Spanish saying, "I was really surprised by how high the men could kick! I even liked the way their butts looked in those pants!" 

"Yeah, I was impressed as well! What kind of material do you think those pants were made out of? How was it that they didn't rip?" My mom asked. 

When the red dressed dancer entered the afterlife, after being poisoned, she was greeted by the leader of the afterlife; but the dancer didn't want to dance because she had left behind the person she loved in the living world.

I've been thinking a lot about death and the sadness that a lover would feel to lose their partner, so perhaps the most beautiful gift was seeing the two reunited for one last dance. The leader of the afterlife didn't have to do that, but she knew that this would make them both happy to have one last dance together. 

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