POST: 'Dear Jane' - so many ups and downs

What it's about?

Julie, an artist/playwright, looks back on her past by reenacting it in a production.

What I experienced?

When I got to the box office at The Clurman Theatre there was a woman in a sort of pastel green type shirt in front of me getting her tickets. She was getting her tickets and I noticed that she was alone. I said to myself in my head YES!!!!! I’m so glad I’m not the only one here by myself.

I mean, honestly, I don’t have a problem with going to the theatre by myself but when I see so many people in groups, either big or small I kind of feel a little lonely. So, I get my ticket after the lady and I head to the theatre. The usher directed me to my seat and guess who I was sitting next to me… GREEN PASTEL SHIRT! She noticed I was alone as well, and we started to converse!

We spoke about going to see shows by ourselves and the plethora of shows in New York City that we have yet to see. We spoke for a decent amount of time before the play began.

The main character's name is actually Julie, and her sister's name is Jane. Julie, decided that she wanted to make up an entire play that focused on many different events of her life. Some moments were full of laughter and others were pretty dark. So, the entire play was a show within a show, I thought that was really cool. Julie and her cast members were rehearsing her play for pretty much the entire show. Julie would shout out random years of her life and the cast would regroup and start at whatever time period she said.

The events of her life focused on when she was assaulted in school, when she lost her sister, moments when her daughter felt like she neglected her, and several moments with her grandchildren. Julie would time travel through the many years and reenact events from her past that weren’t easy to deal with. She looked back on times where she felt like she was neglected by her sister Jane. It felt like Jane was the one who was favored by their parents. It seemed like Julie was neglected and felt like she could never be good enough or as good as Jane.

As Julie reenacted her problems, some events came with resolution and some ended in confusion. To me, her life basically illustrated what we as humans go through. She showed us that there are so many ups and downs in life and it’s up to us as humans to know how to deal with different situations in our lifetime.

When the play finished me and my new found friend spoke again. We spoke about the play of course and what plays we have to see soon! I told her that she needed to see Kinky Boots ASAP! She asked me for my name and the next day I approved her friend request on Facebook. Then she commented on my page that she JUST SAW KINKY BOOTS!

I loved the fact that I met someone at the show! Having such great conversation with someone, that I don’t even know, made me feel somewhat complete. I know this might sound cheesy and corny but it made me happy. The entire experience of going to the theatre and meeting a random person that I connected with is really what theatre and PXP is all about!

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