POST: 'David's Friend' - they were young and living life without rules

What it's about?

A faghag talks about her best friend David and their disco adventures.

What I experienced?

Buses are untrustworthy sources of transportation and while my show started at 10pm, I decided to leave my friend's house at 8:30pm because of my luck with transit. However, I somehow managed to arrive with thirty minutes to spare!

I called my friend Anna and asked if she could entertain me while I waited for the play to start. With her on the phone, I walked to 2 Bros for some pizza. As I walked down St. Marks I noticed everyone in groups or pairs, unlike me, who was alone. But with Anna on the phone, I was pretty much a pair too.

At the theater, I learned that everyone seemed to know each other! While on other days I'd feel tremendously awkward, there was something lighthearted about this audience. I even remember the crowd laugh and clap as the play was being comically introduced by the host; and with almost a whole row to myself, I laughed along with them.

I couldn't help but wonder why it was that I felt so comfortable in this crowd, why I was able to laugh without fear?

As the show progressed, Nora talked about her disco life in NYC with her gay best friend David. There were photos of David that would appear on the backdrop. He was a handsome fella. Nora said that he had the kind of energy that made everyone want to speak to him. She talked about how she became a stripper and he became a high class escort in order to pay for rent. They were young and living their life without rules and parents. 

Then the story switched gears whens she introduced the AIDS epidemic into the story. She described how the virus had taken so many of their friends and how it had gotten to David as well.

There were some heartbreaking moments where Nora was on the brink of crying. One of the most striking quotes she used "It's been 23 years since he died and now that it's 2017, the PTSD is starting to wear off and I'm left with this sadness. And then I realized that I'm not the only one going through this. We're all going through this communal mourning."

There are hundreds of people who lost their loved ones to this epidemic. I thought about all the people in the room and how they all knew each other. I thought about the high chances that their experiences were of loss and while this was a play for David, this was also a play of everyone's best friend who couldn't make it to 2017. 

I thought about the cassettes, photos, clothes, letters, etc that Nora saved from David. I thought about my best friend and how sad I would be if I lost her. I wanted to cry.

I've never been afraid of my own mortality, but my best friend's mortality..... that's a different story. I don't know what I'd do without her.

I remember the play ended on a positive note, but I just needed to be with someone that night; so I met up with my friend again right after the show.  

Want to see it?

Sorry, this show is not currently showing :(