POST: 'Curvy Widow' - dating sucks, at any age

What it's about?

A 55 year old woman explores the dating lifestyle after her famous writer husband dies.

What I experienced?

Maybe I was looking for a life lesson about relationships or maybe I had the impression that an older woman entering the dating scene would somehow know how to navigate it more than I do at my age; but as the show continued I came to realize that the dating world in my twenties and the dating world in her fifties were the same. Curvy Widow had scenes where the widow encountered guys who were cheap, guys who split in the middle of the date, guys who initiated sexual advances way too soon, and the illogical stereotype where "a woman must be half the age of a man plus seven." She experienced all of these and while some were let downs, it was nice to see her stand up for herself and watch her continue dating. I loved seeing her character gain confidence with dating and casual sex with men. 

One of the most memorable songs for me was where she sang about narrowing down her online dating choices by eliminating the unsolicited dick pics and message headliners that read "I like to lick." Seeing how three cast members could play such vastly different roles was really fun. They could be the deep sentimental married man in one scene, the friend in another and a douchey-douche bag in another. Perhaps it was their bright and shiny smiles displayed against the harshness of dating, but I found myself laughing at their absurdity and how relatable it was. As I sat in my seat, I laughed, thinking back to all of my horrible dates and encounters with potential suitors. Towards the end, Curvy Widow finally meets a decent single guy. They dated for six months and one day he asks her to move in. 

I guess I actually did learn a lesson: dating sucks no matter what age. 

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