POST: 'Curiosities' - burlesquey sideshow meets Halloween

What it's about.

It’s like a 1930s jazz meets burlesquey sideshow meets Halloween.

My experience. 


They touched me. I’ve been to a ton of immersive shows, and this one takes the cake for making me unbelievably uncomfortable, but surprisingly, I grew to like it.

I go through this foggy maze till I’m in a jazz club. Music is playing, and of course, someone asks me to dance. I’m thinking Why not? Big mistake. Huge! She’s all up in my ear whispering, and we’re dancing mad close. It was also very clear that I didn’t know how to dance or where to put my hands. I felt like I was a nervous middle school boy, and somehow, I got sandwiched between two people at one point. What the hell was going on? I was so taken aback by it all that whatever she was whispering went right over my head.

I don’t want to give too much away because despite the discomfort, I was into the show, but get prepared to have complete strangers violate your personal space. They’ll hold your hand, dance with you, touch your face, and that was just my experience. I’m not even really sure what I missed out on in relation to everyone else’s.

I may have been a bit traumatized, but over time, I started to realize how cool it was. It was the first immersive show where they got super up close and personal with the audience. The rest of the time, while I was a bit afraid of what I was going to get myself into, it was kind of exhilarating. I honestly didn’t know what to expect next, and I go to immersive theater to be comfortable in my discomfort. That’s what this show did for me. I was comfortable in my discomfort.

Now, when I see shows, I’m terrible because I pick favorites. But be real with yourself, you do it too. There were three. I only know the name of one, because I’m horrid with names. I’m not even sure I was told their names to be completely honest, but here it goes.

The painted man – this guy. I did not want to be around him. I’m not a big fan of clowns. He was like a Charlie Chaplin meets creepy clown character. He just creeped me out, but I liked that. I’m weird, but he was awesome, but creepy. I literally tried avoiding being around him at all costs but really wanted to be around him too. You see the struggle. I loved how much I hated him. We had that love hate relationship right there.

The long haired guy – I probably should know his name because I adored him, and he probably said it. Sorry! Anyways, he was also creepy, but his facial reactions just caught me in the feels. There was literally multiple points where I looked at him and almost stuck my arms out like “hugs?” I almost just hugged him at one point and even got super defensive like “don’t you dare hurt my boy.” Yeah. I was THAT invested in his character.

Couple guy – He was HOT. Muscular. Sexy. Protective. A great dancer. Clearly I was falling in love with him, and I didn’t even know it. He had such a scary straight face, and he actually stroked my face, which you’d think from my earlier comments that I’d be weirded out, but at that point, I was fully into it. And he was hot. Like YAAASSS.

To be honest, I still don’t know how to feel. I love how uncomfortable it made me feel. It was weird and interesting and creepy and exhilarating. I’m probably gonna take my friends to see it. I’m totally ready to get weird again. Are you curious too?

See it.

Saw it. 

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