POST: 'Consider the Lilies' - the first show I've seen with another

What it's about?

A drunk painter who is trying to make money from his paintings again, but has "painter's block".

What'd I experience? 

This was the first show I've ever seen with another person.

I arrived at the theater on time, unlike my plus one, who was running late. "Ohh ok. Well I have to warn you, I can't wait outside for you because I can't miss anything. But I'll save you a seat," I said to him. I texted him detailed instructions like: "The elevator's around the corner! Press 3W when you get inside!", "I told the woman at the desk about the situation and she knows where I'm sitting!" All while I hoped for him to make it on time. 

The play didn't start exactly at 7:30, which was a relief because it meant that my plus one wouldn't be missing much. Then, the lights turned off and he still hadn't made it. I don't know how I noticed, whether it was a sound, a movement, intuition, but when I looked over, he was coming down the stairs. It was only my third time seeing him and I remember being surprised as to how fast I settled into sitting next to him. I didn't worry about any of the things I'd normally worry about when I'm with another person.

I did feel a sort of pressure to impress him with the play I chose. But in all honesty, I had no idea how the play was going to be... So, I was surprised by the way I connected to this show. I didn't expect to think about so many ex's in one go. There was one scene where the painter had cut his arm while shaving and his agent thought that he had tried to kill himself. There was an intensity there that reminded me of the time an ex shared his experience with attempted suicide. I'm pretty sure I cried while that scene was happening, which I tried to hide from my plus one. 

Then there was another scene where the actor reminded me of this guy that I was talking to for a bit in the summer. I was astonished by the resemblance and I kept squinting to make sure it wasn't actually him. I even saw some of my plus one in the play. Surprisingly, I didn't feel uncomfortable about remembering these memories, while being next to my plus one. But the play reminded me of the different types of relationship baggage that I carry from previous relationships and that he probably has some as well. 

That's probably why I kept hoping for the play to end well. Because to me, the painter represented a person trying to better themselves in their relationships.

Want to see it?

Sorry, this show is not currently showing :(

What'd you experience?

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