POST: 'Cleopatra: The New Pop Experience' - it was literally like a party

What it's about.

Cleopatra like you have never seen her before!

What I experienced.

This is probably the first time that I actually don’t know where to start with my post! I don’t think I could even consider this production a ‘play’ because it was wayyyyyyyy more than that.

When I got into the venue the lights were dim, a number of audience members were standing in front of the stage (drinking of course), pop music was playing loud, and everybody was smiling from cheek to cheek. It was literally like a party.

The room went completely dark and a spotlight shined on this guy who stated that he was our host for the night. He explained that Egyptian ruler Cleopatra is on her way and stressed that there is no one above her majesty….. Clearly he hadn’t met me, yet!

A few moments went by and Cleopatra was carried on stage by four men. Her people danced to pop music as she was brought. In every scene people were singing and dancing to pop music. I can’t lie, I’m a pop fanatic but I actually didn’t love the fact that this was a pop production.

As I kept watching Cleopatra and everyone in the kingdom, I kept thinking that the pop music was pretty cheesy and a big ‘F U’ to Cleopatra. I mean she is a damn RULER! ICONIC! EPIC! LEGENDARY! To me she needs to be brought in while a live orchestra is playing!

I’m not saying that pop music is beneath Cleopatra but the kind of kiddy pop music they created for this show definitely didn’t match the regal-ness of Cleopatra, yes I just made up a word and its “regalness,’ regal with the ‘ness!’

The Cleopatra story was the same as every other Cleopatra story but the delivery and production was certainly one that I have never seen before.

I must say, I haven’t seen a pop musical that I absolutely love, yet. I wonder if it’s because I like hearing people sing dramatically in musicals or maybe there just hasn’t been one made for me... Wait! Maybe I should write my own!

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