POST: City Tech presents 'KEVIN!!!!' - if you have ever watched the movie...

What's it about?

A parody of the Christmas classic Home Alone shown in a unique way.

What I experienced?

Not going to lie or sugar coat anything, I had a terrible week where I truly just lost all my positive vibes. I had a broken heart so I was not really in the mood to see a show. 

I kind of just sat there waiting with my Boyfriend and then all of a sudden, it was CHRISTMAS! Okay, not literally, but there was holiday music playing and a group of people came out with ugly X-MAS sweaters! Omg, this is just what I needed.

I was expecting things to begin... regularly, but it started with the ugly sweater people looking over a table with boxes. And since I had no clue what the show was about, I was confused.

Then a projector came on and it looked like a live action movie that was being created in the moment by the actors, they were making voices and moving toys to make it all happen. NOOOOOW it all made sense. Okay, it is kind of hard to explain what it was like but think... watching someone play with toys in elaborate cardboard set, reenacting a movie. I instantly knew it was Home Alone! as it was spot on, you know if you made the actors into toys. From the nutcracker and Kelly Doll being used as characters to the cardboard design, I was hooked.

If you have ever watched the movie, you will remember the signature scene when Kevin used audio from a movie to scare away the pizza guy. Well, that scene was re-done with... vegetables with talking faces. I was ROLLING! I could not stop laughing at everything. Then, suddenly Kevin was real!! I mean not a person but a bigger version as a puppet. He was sooooo cute, I loved him!

They went back and forth from mini Kevin to big Kevin but it never distracted me, I was to busy laughing my booty off. I honestly forgot my problems for that moment. It was truly magical.

The creator of the show then came out and said thank you while announcing his shows. If you are interested in knowing more about them check out...

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What did you experience?

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