POST: Radio City Music Hall's 'Christmas Spectacular' starring The Rockettes - my mum's takes on the show

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My mum is honestly an iconic queen.

This day couldn’t have been more NYC Christmas. 50th Street was just an abyss of people trying to get somewhere and being everywhere all at the same time. It’s insane that pretty much every holiday of my life has been spent in the city and still I am shocked at the amount of people that are here.

I decided that this time around I would get my mum's takes on the show instead of just my own. Mostly because my opinion is quite a short one - how are the Rockettes still standing after performing just one show? They’re insane in the best way possible. Anyway let’s see what Iconic Mum has to say.

Me: Were the seats ok?

Mum: Yeah they were fine. That’s really your first question?

Me: Yup.

Mum blankly staring at me for a sec and then just shakes her head.

Me: Ok, so obviously this is a really traditional - the Rockettes - thing for NYC. When you were a kid did you have any Christmas tradition?

Mum: Oh, mom, dad, and all the kids would go to the “Misa de Gallo” (Mass of the Rooster or Midnight mass) at 12am of the 24th of December and we’d get out by 2 am. We’d head home and drink hot chocolate with Buñuelos.

Me: Wait? At 12am?

Mum: Yeah. Everyone went. That’s just tradition.

Me: Do you miss it?

Mum: Of course. Now it’s about gifts, back them it was more about religion. It’s really here that the gift-giving is extravagant. As kids you’d get little bags of candy in school and that was your Christmas gift.

Me: What do you think that your mum would think of this, since she is so traditional?

Mum: I mean it would definitely be too extravagant for her. Of course it is visually beautiful, because of all the lights and glitter. But, I needed time to get used to Christmas here in the US. I can only imagine how overwhelmed she would be.

Me: I think you noticed, they definitely tried to incorporate a variety of Holiday traditions from other religions. Did you think there was anything missing?

Mum: Yes! They didn’t have Feliz Navidad, which is probably the only Christmas song I actually know. They definitely need to include at least one Spanish song.

Me: It’s the only one I technically know too.

Mum: I did appreciate the birth of Jesus number. They had the “Tres Reyes Magos” (The Three Kings), which is like Santa for us. They could so with a couple more Latin American traditions.


Me: Yeah you made me take a lot of pictures from that number.

Mum: I needed it for Facebook.

I roll my eyes.

Me: Okay, I got ask the basic questions. What was your favorite part?

Mum: I loved everything.

Me: Ok, yeah. But, what’s one memorable or impressive moment?

Mum: When the girls fell.

Me: Wait, what? Fell?

Mum: When they held onto each other and started falling back? With the hats?

Me: Oh! When the Rockettes are dressed as toy soldiers and they do the domino fall thing?


Mum: YEAH! That was amazing. I was really worried about them.

Me: Mum, they do this over 8 shows a week. They’re good.

Mum: More than 8?

Me: Yeah. They don’t play around with this show.

Mum: Wow.

Me: Do you feel that, because it’s only in English it discourages people from going to see the show?

Mum: Absolutely. You saw a lot of Hispanic families there with their children. Many of these people are like me, who worked and were raising kids so we couldn’t cut out time to learn English. But I think even if you don't know English you should give it a chance.

Me: Did you feel confused or out of place at any point, mum?

Mum: Not really. Even though I may not be fluent in English, I think the show is magical enough that it surpasses language. Everything is so vibrant and bright and they make everything so big that you don’t need to know exactly what they are saying. In the end I know it’s gonna relate to Christmas.

Me: HAHAHAHA. Well duh. I didn’t even think of that. I would keep looking over at you to see if you’d need to me translate something.

Mum: I’ve lived in this country since I was 23. I understand a lot more than I can speak it.

Me: True. So, do you wanna go every year now?

Mum: If you’re paying. Sure.

Me: Wow, mum. I feel the love.

Mum laughs her a** off.

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