POST: 'Child's Play' - it's okay to cry in public

What it's about?

A psychologist tries to understand why her patient (a child) suddenly stopped talking. As things begins to unfold, we gain insight into the mother, stepfather and daughter's lives. 

What I experienced?

I've missed the psychology classes I used to take. I've missed hearing the terminologies and the reality that humans are in fact not perfect, but are so skilled are hiding their inner struggles. 

On stage, I got to see the girl playing with her toys and her imagination at the same time. The liveliness really came out when she began to play in the sand box with a princess, a queen, a king and a dragon (on the outside). The queen and the king acted all jolly, and at first it was comical to see such happy people! They'd ask "Do you want to pick black berries?!" "YESS let's pick blackberries!" Then the princess noticed thorns and she shouted at her mother to come look, but her mother kept ignoring her and continued to act overly cheerful. Even when the princess pricked her finger, the mother still continued to ignore her. 

Quickly, my laughter stopped and I began to feel the fright that the girl was feeling. The sound of the dragon rumbled in the background and even then the mother still refused to pay attention to her daughter. Why was she doing this? The mom started to seem like the "bad" guy because she refused to pay attention to her daughter. Throughout the play, the girl would play with these same characters, sometimes introducing a ninja to protect her from the dragon. Unfortunately, every time the girl would play, the mood would become perverse with the cheerful parents ignoring the obvious danger. 

When the psychologist realized the girl was enacting post traumatic play, she helped the girl find the courage to fight the dragon. She told her, "this is a special dragon that can only defeated by a princess and the way she can defeat the dragon is if she talks! But the dragon cast a spell on the princess, so the ninja said she would train her to find her voice again."

In the final scenes, we see the princess stick up to her mother and told her mother that she wanted to fight the dragon, not drink tea and not eat cake. The mother stood back, upset. The dragon came and the ninja and princess started fighting, except this time... the princess defeated the dragon!

The girl sat shocked. She couldn't believe that she had just defeated the dragon.
"Do you want to speak now?" asked the psychologist. 
"Yes," the girl spoke.

I really hate crying in public, I'm sure most people do. But I thought the message of healing was great and of course the revealing of the trauma was awful. After the mother finally realized what she had asked her daughter to do (to keep a secret so big to herself), they were able to reunite in their bond.

All around me, I heard people sniffling and I, while I shrunk lower into my seat, I allowed my tears to come out instead of forcing them to stay in. 

Just so you know, it's okay to cry in public and it's okay to feel emotions. 

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