POST: 'Charlie and The Chocolate Factory' - an amazing childhood memory

What it's about.

The world renowned Charlie and The Chocolate Factory movie turned Broadway show, still filled with a love of chocolate and a child's desire to dream.

What I experienced.

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory is a classic movie that's come to Broadway and I was ecstatic, along with hundreds of other people in the long line wrapping around the theater. The show started promptly with Willy Wonka and his signature outfit (purple jacket, checkered green pants, red top hat, and white/black shoes). I am sure many know the storyline of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, because it's a classic, but you just never know what might happen when it comes Broadway...

As the show began to unravel in it's awesomeness of music, color, and decorations, I thought of little Houssaynatou. I went back to when I was a little girl watching the Charlie and The Chocolate Factory movie. I remember whenever I watched it I was always excited, and at the end of the movie I would summon my mom to buy me a chocolate bar. Thankfully she complied every time I asked (approximately 10 times a year). One thing that was different from the movie, was the ages of the 5 golden ticket winners. In the movie the winners are indeed children, but in the show they were all adults acting as if they are children. The only real child was Charlie himself, but it made sense to me since his name is in the title.

What truly touched my heart was the humble upbringing of Charlie. Though he did not come from much, he valued his grandparents and his mother as inspiration. The spirit of his father and his birthday wish was what made me shed a tear. It showed me there is hope in the world and reaffirmed the power of what goodness and the man upstairs can do. I guess Grandpa Joe, who has experienced 200 years (supposedly), kept Charlie's dreams and imagination alive too. And the owner of the candy store down the street from Charlie's house was also a confidant for Charlie... but I think he was Willy Wonka in disguise. Because, I think Willy Wonka wanted to have a hand in choosing the golden ticket winners.

Anyway, in the end Charlie was the winner of the grand prize (he gets to become the owner of the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory), though it was sorted out way before the competition. All of the other winners shared a common characteristic, selfishness, but Charlie was selfless. At times when you think no one is paying attention to the good that you are doing, just know there is always someone observing whether it be the man upstairs or a relative or another. In return, good will be reciprocated and life will go on. Charlie and The Chocolate Factory has and always will be a classic that mixes the theme of good and dreams to make an amazing childhood memory for me. 

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