POST: 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' - being greedy and ungrateful will end in your demise

What's it about?

Charlie a poor boy who dreams of inventing and admires Willy Wonka wins a Golden ticket that allows him to be one of the lucky 5 to see the Wonka's factory and meet the main man himself. 

What I experienced?

Growing up on Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, I was filled with excitement!!! I stared at everything in amazement like a child would on their first trip to Disney... The entire theater looked like the candy factory AND they sold sooooo much CANDY!!! I was going to explode.

The atmosphere all around was so full of happiness and energy. I realized that, unlike most shows, there were so many children and families here. This range of ages and the excitement all around truly made it feel like the happiest place on Broadway (catch what I did there? haha). I was in my seat and my mom, who I was so happy was with me, said "I think we are missing something, let's get caramel chocolate popcorn".  HEHEHEHE. I mean you can't say no to your mom right? Diets shmiets!! I was gonna eat the hell out of that delicious popcorn candy. NOMNOMNOM. 

The show begins with Willy Wonka. He talks about how he needs to find someone to take over as he is growing old, but who? Well, this is where the one and only Charlie Bucket comes out. We follow him in his life and when he sees a new candy store that sells Wonka bars, he is so happy. The only thing is, he can't afford it so he just admires it from afar. That made me so sad!! You see, they showed his backstory where he lived in this tin house with his four grandparents who didn't walk and his single mom who worked to keep them going. They told us his dad died and now they ate what they could, such as rotten cabbage or old Brussel sprouts. But he was still smiling, I swear it really touched my heart. Charlie NEVER complained and I swear I couldn't help but cry. Here is a young boy who gets his notebooks from the dump and only eats chocolate once a year on his birthday! It just wasn't fair! Then when the golden tickets went out, he dreamed and dreamed he would get one but when his birthday passed his one Wonka bar had no ticket. He was crushed... and I was like NO!!! UNTIL he found a dollar to buy a bar... and he won!!! YASSS. All the other kids who won were so selfish and greedy, so when Charlie won I was happy. Had he not won, I would have left. 

Charlie FINALLY made it to factory. He took his grandpa - who magically could walk again (a little suspicious if you ask me) - and this is where the fun happened. All the characters go from room to room in the factory and I was shaking from amazement. The first room was the edible paradise and then the gluttonous Augustus fell into the chocolate river. I mean, literally, he fell in and we don't see him anymore until he is being shot up a tube!!! I know it was serious and he could be turned into fudge, but it was kinda funny! Especially when the Oompa loompas came out, they were small and... kinda weird. They started dancing and it was a dance party all around. My mom even started clapping her hands. It was a blast. From there we go into different rooms where one by one the children mess up and... I think they die? I mean one girl turned into a giant blueberry and exploded! Another was, let's just say, unshelled. And then one was turned small. The small one freaked me out because they had a a little doll that moved like a human... I was freaking out!! It was so real!! My mom had to be like, "relax, its a doll," but I'm still not convinced. lol 

In the end, Charlie won the factory! And his dream came true, and he went up to the sky and saw the town and I was like !!! this is so cool. I was shaking, or maybe just hyper from the sugar. It reminded me that you must appreciate what you have in life because being greedy and ungrateful will end in your demise. 

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