POST: CCNY's 'She Kills Monsters' - three topics my mind kept circling back to: homosexuality, bullying, and denial

What's it about?

An average girl, Agnes, loses her family in a car crash. In an attempt to better understand her sister, Tilly, she embarks on an adventure into the Dungeons and Dragons game her sister created.

What I experienced?

It’s about Dungeons and Dragons. First thought? Snooze fest. See... that’s not really my thing. It seems like some boring game they’d play on Big Bang Theory, and while I respect that there are people out there who like it, I wouldn’t usually stick around to see how it’s played. I’d just rather not.

Thank god this show wasn’t them physically playing the game because they show a short scene where the characters are getting overhyped over a notebook and rolling a dice that decides their fate, and for a second, I get super scared it'll be insanely boring. It wasn’t. They actually showed the characters talking and fighting. All that good jazz. #praisebe

Despite all of that, I was focused more of the story. This average girl getting to see just a small part of Tilly’s world, her sister. From her world, there were three topics my mind kept circling back to: homosexuality, bullying, and denial.

Homosexuality/Bullying: These topics broke my heart. It made me sad to think, and to know, that there are people feeling the same way Tilly did. To feel like they’re not accepted by society. To be attacked and degraded for being themselves. That they have to hide who they truly are. It’s heart-rending. This girl creates a world where all the characters are gay just to temporarily feel comfortable in her own skin. To feel like she can be gay and be with the person she loves without either of them being judged or outcast. Making the bullies villains in her game that must be defeated, and seeing how this strong warrior buckles from derogatory words about her sexuality. I just. I can’t help but feel angry that this exists. That we continue to let this happen. #loveislove

Denial: Agnes makes her way through the game, and she slowly starts to realize that she’ll soon lose the last connection she has with Tilly. She attempts to fight for control in the game and spirals, can I blame her? She was finally getting closer to her sister only to relive the pain of her death all over again. How do you even move on from that? I can’t even begin to imagine the pain. #imjustnotgonnathinkaboutit

I don’t know if I was reading too much into this show, but for a something that’s about some magic game, this was pretty freakin’ depressing.

Want to see it?

Sorry this show is not currently showing :(

What did you experience?

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