POST: 'CATS' - I want to be a cat now

What's it about?

The Jellicle cats are out on the fateful night of the Jellicle Ball, telling their stories and waiting for their leader Old Deuteronomy to chose one of them for a new life. 

What I experienced?

I don’t know where to start guys, I’m shook……


I want to be a cat now. I want to be a jellicle cat specifically. I want to have a friend like Mr. Mistoffelees. I want to have memories under the glowing moonlight like Grizabella and the jellicle cats. I want to be apart of the Jellicle ball, with the Jellicle leader Old Deuteronomy.



Now, I truly understand why this show ran for years and is insanely famous. I humbly apologize for my ignorance and dismissal of people “over doing” the song “Memories” (which in this performance was done by the amazing Mamie Parris). People who know me are aware that I am not the biggest fan of musicals. They make me tired and annoyed after a certain point. But not this one.

I was excited to bring a great friend of mine, who is a fellow thesbian. Before she came though, I was two lengthy blocks down drinking my McDonald’s caramel macchiatto mc cafe. There was an insanely long line that I believed was to go to a famous restaurant. As I kept walking to the Neil Simon Theatre, sipping my drink real slow, I realized it was to see CATS!

Now hunny, we needa talk about the set. Actually, I can’t even describe it because my mind is still so excited. You’re just going to have to be there. Just know that the set does not end on the stage, it extends to the audience with gorgeous fairy lights in every inch of the ceiling. Even some of the cats come in the audience, which actually freaked me out tremendously. One of the best parts is that during intermission, the theatre allows the audience to go on stage and take pictures with Old Deuteronomy! 

These pictures from my phone DO NOT do the set any justice. 

The dancing, singing, costumes, live band, set and whole production in my eyes was beyond. If a show can fill me with so much giddiness and awe, and make me forget all of my homework assignments... It was like there were no problems in the world that mattered. Also, before the night ended, I told my friend that I am considering going back to performing...

Want to see it?

What did you experience?

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