POST: 'Cats' - like a magical cat circus

What's it about?

Cats come together in a junkyard to talk about who they are and show what they can do. 

What I experienced?

A musical about cats? How is this possible? Will it be like The Aristocats or something? The entire idea blew my mind, but I love cats in general, so I was excited to see what would happen.

One of the first things I saw when I got to my seat was a junkyard filled with GIANT items that surrounded most of the theater like, what??? That's not normal! There was a giant sneaker, bra, toothbrush, basically if it belongs in the garbage, then it was there. Actually, that sounds kind of gross... ha! I also kinda felt like I was in the movie Honey I Shrunk The Kids.

All of a sudden, it was dark, and all I see are these creepy eyes come out of the dark, like that scene in Alice and Wonderland. You know? The scene where eyes come out of the no where?! Pair that with the creepy sounding music and the fact that I saw two NON HUMAN things running in the AISLES, and you're looking at one scared chick. THEN, the lights go on, and these cat-like-humans come out singing a happy song about how they are Jellicle cats. WHOA - that went from 0 - 100 fast! They were trapezing, and then introduce this cat, who was fat and lazy. I turned to my friend Jennifer and said look thats me! hahahaha, but then she was tap dancing? Wait. Lazy cats don't do that. I honestly can NOT tell you what the story line was in this show. I was confused, but I enjoyed it so much! I would call it more like a, a magical cat circus. 

Jennifer and I 

Jennifer and I 

There were many different cats, but my favorite was Grizabella. She was the "ugly" misunderstood cat that no one wanted to be around. All she wanted was to be accepted by the other cats, and naturally she became my favorite because I have a soft spot for the misunderstood. Her lack of acceptance broke my heart. She was GORGOUS, and I don't care what those other cats say! She didn't come out in the show much, but when she did, UGH my heart!! She sang a solo called "Memory", aka my new song on repeat, and I was in tears! I felt her sadness and how grateful she was at one point when the other cats finally got close enough to touch her, but that still doesn't make that right! All she wanted was a little compassion. A little bit of love. Why you gotta be so rude? UGH! 

When the show came to an end, I was like "wait what?!!" That was not two hours! I easily lost track of time, which rarely happens to me. I had such a bad day and seeing CATS left me so happy. I was so excited that I ran to stage door to meet the actors. I met basically all of them too!! *self-five* Usually, I get a little shy, but my friend gave me the confidence I needed. They were all soooo nice too!!! This day is a day I am going to remember always.

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