POST: 'Can You Forgive Her?' - why write all these books?

What's it about? 

A comedy that follows a guy name Graham as he decides what to do with his deceased mother's unpublished books. 

What I experienced?

I chose the worst day to see this play! There was a rain storm with wind blowing all over the place and I was just feeling horrible. By the time I got inside the theater, I was super excited to be out of the rain.

The play starts with Tanya asking Graham what he is going to do with his mom's unpublished books. Let me tell you, there wasn't just three unpublished books written by his mother. There were boxes upon boxes of unpublished books of all genres. I was really curious about her reasoning about not publishing the books. Why write all those books and not publish them? Even if she thought she was bad, couldn't she try her luck and publish at least one?  And finally, why continue writing all these books if you plan to just keep them in boxes? Throughout the play, I was constantly searching for clues that would better help understand Graham's mother and possibly get my questions answered. 

At first, I thought Graham was cheating on Tanya when he walked in with Miranda. I was mentally screaming at him in my mind like "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?" But as the conversation continued I found that it wasn't that at all (sorry my trust issues makes me assume the worst). Anyway, turns out Miranda was actually running away from her date who was trying to kill her... maybe it had to do with her borderline rude comments towards him. I mean... her somewhat racist comments and her dark humor actually kinda made her likable. She was like the person in your group of friends that has dark jokes with no chill button... you hate them most of the time but you can't help but love them. 

Graham wanted to keep his mother's books because it was the only thing she had. According to Graham, everyone in her life basically left her at some point, even him. Those books were the only things he had of her and reading them would somehow cure his guilt. When Miranda came into the story she twisted it all around in her dark mind, while also answering some of my questions. Graham's mother kept writing basically as a coping method for her divorce. That's all she thought about. Miranda convinced Graham, and I, that Graham owed nothing to his mom because she had basically put her books before him. 

This play left me feeling a bit confused because I felt like there were so many intricate parts that were deep and dark that I was missing. Maybe it's because I was trying to remember where I have seen that actress playing Miranda (it was from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) or maybe because I was out of it due to the rain. Or maybe it was just meant to leave me wondering if I forgive Graham's mother. 

Want to see it?

Sorry, this show is not currently showing :(

What did you experience?

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