POST: 'Building The Wall' - walls are not just physical

What's it about?

The political climate of the United States of America.

What I experienced:

When I first got wind that there was a play called Building The Wall I knew it had to have something to do with the political state of America. I knew it had to make reference to Donald Trump to some capacity, since he loves to talk about building walls.

As soon as the play started Tamara Tunie from one of my all-time favorite shows, Law and Order: SVU was on the stage!! I was ready to go off! I just wanted to applaud her from the beginning of the play like she did not have to say a word, she could have just stood on stage and I would applaud her the entire time.

The play focused on a guy who was the head of a prison that is now incarcerated. Tamara Tunie was basically a pen-pal for this inmate, and she is now meeting and interviewing him for the very first time. He was incarcerated because he was held accountable for murdering thousands of inmates. He murdered inmates because his prison was continuously getting sent people and it was basically over capacity. As it continued to grow he could not find anywhere to relocated people, which led to his bosses basically forcing him to kill inmates.

It was ridiculous to me that anyone would intentionally kill thousands of people instead of finding a new place for them. Just because they were incarcerated doesn’t mean that as humans, we shouldn't feel bad for them. Some inmates are wrongly accused and some have families that are waiting for the day they are released.

They set up a factory that was placed a few miles away from the prison. They would loud up the truck with inmates, transport them to the factory and basically burn them till they were dead.

The head of the prison took the fall for this act although it was his bosses who forced him to do it. He compared it to Donald Trump and his followers. He discussed how some of Donald Trump’s followers are doing most of the work for him when it comes to us being divided. He said that the wall that Donald Trump wants to build is not just physical but mental and emotional.

He was right. The wall he wants to build is a wall that separates us right here in America. We should want to love and take care of one another. There shouldn’t be a reason why a president wants to divide us instead of unite us.

This play just opened my eyes to ways that politicians and people in general slowly divide others in ways that seem minimal but are immensely impactful as well.

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