POST: 'Bright Colors and Bold Patterns' - he was trying to hide

What it's about.

A gay man gets wasted the day before his gay friend's wedding.

My experience. 

I never really cared for learn actors names in real life, I mostly just them them embody the character they're portraying; but this was perhaps one of the few times that I wish I had spend more time learning people's names. The character name dropped so much and most of the jokes were about people that I wasn't able to laugh like everyone else in the audience. 

I thought, "Man, if the show continues on like this, none of this will make sense."

Surprisingly, after the group of men get hammered, take loads of drugs and have a fight that leads to two characters leaving, the main character (and the only actual person acting) starts to get to the core of his fears.

"Now that gay marriage is legalized, I feel this fear that now I have to strive for that as well. But it was something I never considered."

He admitted to making up having a boyfriend, just because he didn't want to continue living the "single life". He talked about wanting to settle down, but that it never worked out with guys. 

This state of being, the awaking from all the drugs he had taken, was the best part of the story for me. Seeing him mellow down his once exaggerated and hilarious way of being, showed me what he was trying to hide from even his closest friends. 

I found it interesting that he was revealing this to his friend's boyfriend, someone he only just met that day. It seems like a whole night of partying wears down your superficial self and exposes your vulnerable raw self. 

I thought about the times I had partied with my friends and about the random friendships I made because of who I was left talking to at the end of the night. Perhaps the people you bond most with are the people you spend the end of the night verses the ones you start off the night.

See it.

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