POST: 'Boys of a Certain Age' - love, love and more love

What's it about?

Larry has loved Ira for many years, but chose not to acknowledge his sexual orientation. After many years Larry and Ira spend a weekend together as a family and reconnect.

What I experienced?

The running theme throughout this entire play was, love, love and more LOVE:
-       Don’t ignore your feelings about people you love
-       Don’t be afraid to love
-       Challenge yourself and love whoever you want
-       Love your family members
-       Love yourself

I definitely saw this play at the right time, the week of Valentine’s Day. I was immersed in so much love.

Ira and his gay nephew, Christopher, hosted Larry and his gay son, Bryan, at their house for the weekend. Everyone in the house was a democrat except for Ira’s nephew, Christopher. He voted for... none other than Donald Trump and basically kept this secret from everybody so you know it was a pretty big deal for everyone in the house and for me as well…

Now you know, everyone in the world should know by now that Trump wasn’t the best choice, especially for gay people. Everyone was so confused why a gay man would vote for someone who doesn’t share the same values as them. I was pretty confused too... like Ummmmmm, Christopher are you sureeeeeeee????????????????

I was also over the fact that this play touched on anything political. I get it, we are in a very awkward political time but does EVERYTHING have to have a reference to politics? I was even over it when Lady Gaga did a tribute to America during her Super Bowl performance. I mean, I get it, I really do, but can we just hear “Just Dance” & “Bad Romance"?

Larry and Ira had history. They were classmates many years ago and used to be in a relationship. Larry decided that he wanted to embark on another journey and have another life. Larry wanted a life with a wife and kids. After embarking on this journey and reconnected with Ira during this long weekend, both Larry and Ira realized that their journeys had only just begun. Ira’s wife was no longer in the picture and Larry felt like it was for a reason. He felt like Ira was his soul mate and I could tell that he was unhappy because he wasn’t with Ira.

They decided together, to give love another chance and although they were well into their 50’s, their new life had just begun.

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