POST: Brooklyn College presents 'Must Wash Hands' - I wish we had more respect for others

What it's about. 

The play shows the reactions and the effects of rape on the victims and the people who surround them, told thru memories. 

My experience. 

When I go into college shows a lot of the time, I don't know what to expect as the title doesn't always say much. I basically went and hoped for a good time. 

The first character Ruta to come out instantly grabbed my attention she was so open and honest and I LOVED how she spoke what was on her mind. I mean she would talk about her job at the restaurant and how she hated events and it was funny since we all complain about work at one point haha. Ruta is dating Lucy and they have all these flashbacks in random order, from when they met and after and when they already dated and the hard end. It wasn't clear whose memories they were or if it was just information but I was intrigued.

There was this one scene that really got me thinking. Ruta and Lucy spoke to Ruta's co-worker, who was going through a hard time. He had a girlfriend and he raped her and he was called out on it by the girl in a blog post. This led to a lot of confusion as to did he do it or didn't he?

Lucy and Ruta were arguing about him. Lucy wanted to cut him out of their life and Ruta couldn't since she was close friends with the guy. Ruta said "you don't always know the full story he wouldn't do that" and Lucy the feminist-loving girlfriend said " you don't need to know the story to believe someone who is hurt" and I was like OMG this is a lot harder than I thought. Who is doin the right thing?

We all say that in a case of rape, we would be against the terrible rapist. But what if it was someone who was like family to you? Would you still be quick to attack them? The answer is that you are going to be so confused. It really got me thinking about all the problems with rape and how consent is CRUCIAL. Often times people excuse a rapist because to them "it is impossible" but you really never know. I know, unfortunately, there have been cases where someone cries wolf and then confesses to a lie and it's terrible because it makes people skeptical when it really happens. 

I wish we had more education on this. I wish we had more respect for others, in general. I realized this is a hard situation for many and I wish none of this violence ever had to happen. I don't actually know if the guy from the show really did it or not and it sucks because in real life this same doubt can make a victim feel alone. Always respect the people around you no matter what. It is the only way we can grow closer to a more peaceful and respectful world. 

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