POST: 'Basement' - a plane crashed in France...

What it's about.

Basement is about a pilot from the United States whose plane crashed in France during the war and a young French lady who took him into her home and began to take care of him. Over time, the two grow closer to each other and learn more about each other's history. 

My experience.

This past Saturday night, I went to see Basement. I must say, I was extremely excited to go and see the show. I wanted to make sure not to be late, but knowing how the trains run from Brooklyn to Manhattan (eye roll), I made sure to make my way towards the show an hour and a half before start time.  I arrived to the theater early, but while waiting I recognized a familiar face. Well I am familiar with him but he is not familiar with me. This young man I follow on Instagram, who is a young activist, up and coming actor and rapper, was waiting for the show with another young lady. I was shy, but also I personally know I wouldn't want another young lady (myself) coming up to me if I was with my boyfriend or significant other or whatever, because that definitely reads problem. So just I thought to myself how cool it was to see him in person.

Walking into the performance space, I thought to myself, how cute but also how different, than any other theater I have ever been to. The first thing I noticed was that one of the main characters, Michael, was lying on a bed on stage very still. I mean VERY still. This guy honestly has skills, because I know I can barely stay still for like a minute (unless I am sleeping). The second character came out and started doing things, but it was in silence for a few minutes. She was just taking care of the wounded pilot (which I found out, of course, after they started talking).

He suddenly woke up, and she backed up and drew her gun on him. She then opened her mouth and all that came out was a fire of French. To be honest, I was very excited that I knew what language it was. Also, I get very annoyed when I do not understand another language. And the reason I understand French is because my parents are from Haiti and they speak Haitian Creole and French. Too bad I never picked up the French (shoulder shrug) but fortunately, I am fluent in Haitian Creole and although the two languages are not the same, they are very similar, so basically understood everything that came out of her mouth. 

Towards the middle/end of the play, when Katrine and Michael started to physicalize their intimate connection towards each other, I actually felt a little weird (actually very awkward). Almost like when a sex scene comes on the TV while watching a movie with your parents, that type weird. I, of course, got over that but the part that I connected with was when Michael told Katrine that he had never been intimate with anyone before and she was so shocked. Alright, so I know I’m 21 years old and it probably does not sound cool or the norm, but I have never been intimate with anyone that way although I have been in relationships before. It is what it is (shrugging and laughing out loud). When I tell people this, I basically get the same reaction that Katrine gave Michael in the play!

The play ended and some people stayed around to mingle, but since I am shy and awkward (at least that's what I think) I hurried out to head home. While heading home, I was reflecting a bit. How sad it was, even though this was a play, that Michael and Katrine had to hide out in a basement because of the war. That is no way one should ever have to live.

See it.

Saw it.

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