POST: 'As You Like It' - what love does to people

What it's about.

The Shakespearean drama As You Like It, set in the forest of Arden, is a unique boy meets girl and girl falls in love with boy love story. Rosaline, a young lady, dressed as a man, is off in the woods with her cousin and meets some exotic characters. On her adventure she sees Orlando (again), who she first became smitten with when she watched him in a wrestling match. She becomes consumed by her love for him and... reveals herself to him. 

My experience.

Truth be told, I was rushing to get to the show on time. I had taken the local bus to the ferry only to be notified that the bus was not going to be making it all the way to the ferry which meant that if I was going to make it to this show, I was going to have to make a run for it. Thankfully, with a stranger's help I was able to race against against the clock and arrive on time. I found that I had just about made it to the destination and was surprised to see that the location of the theater was at a coffee shop. I wondered if I had the right location and double checked. Sure enough, the sign said CSC, I proceeded to enter and was surprised that the theater was an extension of the coffee shop itself.

As soon as I entered the theater itself, I was utterly transfixed. Lights were hanging all around the stage, which was located at the center of the room. As I was heading to my seat, I had to pass through the stage and ducked as the lights were hanging close to my head. 

Despite the intimate environment and hanging lights, my feelings began to change. I could see that the audience was laughing but I was not really laughing along with them which made me a little uncomfortable. Did I not understand what was happening? The only time that I laughed was when the character of Audrey took someone from the audience to play William and fed him lines. The audience member relayed the lines to us well but at one point did not know what to say and frantically turned the paper back and forth which I found to be slightly funny. 

In truth, the storyline was a bit difficult to follow, this is because I haven't read Shakespeare's As You Like It. I was able to get the gist of it though. However, since I had no context, I didn't really make many connections to the play because I was focused more on understanding what exactly was happening. One aspect that I connected to was that, similar to Rosaline's cousin, I am very practical when it comes to love. I try to keep people from making a fool of themselves when someone finds themselves smitten with someone else. Whenever my friends tell me that that they are harboring feelings for someone, I usually tell them to think these emotions through because I wouldn't want their hearts to be broken. 

As far as the moments that were emotionally resonating, I found the scores in As You Like It really moving. There was one song that conveyed isolation which I can relate to because there were points in my life when I felt as if the world was turning against me, as if I was trapped within myself.

Now, I have never really been in love and cannot speak to the theme of what love does to people. Even though that's the case with me, it was clear that Rosaline was consumed by her love for Orlando, which somehow seemed exaggerated. I just don't think that kind of love that makes people want someone so much only to cause themselves misery if the love goes unrequited, truly exists. 

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