POST: 'Arcadia' - the 1800's and the present day

What's it about?

Scholars trying to piece together information from many years ago.

What I experienced?

At first, this play was tripping me out (confusing me) a bit. Well, you see the play Arcadia jumps back and forth between two different time periods. The two time periods: the 1800s and the present day. 

It took me a little while to figure out what was going on. The people from the 1800's had their own scenes then the people from the present day had their own scenes, no one shared the stage to begin, but at one point they were on the stage together! Then I noticed that the people from different eras weren't communicating with each other at all, and that's when the lightbulb went off in my big head!


After realizing this I had to tell myself ... What we're you thinking! It's pretty obvious that there were two different time periods. I mean the fashion compared to each other was pretty damn obvious!

The play focused on a girl (Thomasina Coverly) who was basically a genius. Thomasina had a tutor too named Septimus. Both of them would get together and they would challenge each other's intelligence. They came up with so many new revelations that dealt with nature, math, physics, and many more. 

The people who were set in the present day were trying to pretty much, unlock Thomasina brain in someway. They wanted to try and see how Thomasina and Septimus came up with their revelations. 

It was interesting to see the juxtaposition between the two time periods. I felt like I wanted to help the people in the present day solve their mysteries because I already saw how Thomasina came up with theories. Of course, at one point everyone was able to unlock the past and figure everything out.  What I took from this play was the fact that I had to unlock another level in my brain, and allow it to turn off/on between two different eras while still following one story.

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