POST: 'Apartment 301' - I AM SHOOK

What's it about?

An inspiring ballerina finds out she is pregnant. While dealing with this shock she meets her new neighbor who truly changes her life. 

What I experienced?

I AM SHOOK. I seriously need to tell you this NOW because this play really got me doubting myself. 

To better explain this let me explain how my day went before the show. I finally got to see my friend Jennifer after months and we had such an amazing day. I really felt at peace and happy. I got to the theater and I had to climb four flights of stairs but the fun part was they had signs motivating you saying " you can do it" or "it's worth it" and I was feeling unstoppable. 

As the show started, it's all that I expected. The Ballerina Lacey and her roommate Brooke are looking at a pregnancy test all worried and what not. Lacey says I'm not pregnant and Brooke starts giving her a lecture on how to be careful and what not, it was all pretty basic stuff to me. Then, as expected, comes the drama that Brooke lied about her pregnancy because she was scared of being judged. I mean, I get it, I know that must be tough, I could only imagine. 

Things got interesting when Jim arrived to borrow a screwdriver. He was like an old kid. Way too innocent, like he never had exposure to much growing up. He seriously spoke like a little kid! Not knowing what a date was or how to make friends... I actually felt bad. Lacey grew fond of him and they became friends, but Brooke was so mean. She called him "retarded" and that really bothered me, I HATE when people use that word towards people. I honestly saw just a happy connection between Lacey and Jim. But then when Brooke felt lonely... I felt like she was using Jim. She basically felt lonely and hung with him making Lacey mad and yada yada the drama!! But I was not ready for what happened next.....


In the heat of the fight Lacey tells Jim that they aren't friends anymore and to go away! I felt so bad. Suddenly Jim comes backs saying no one leaves until they are all friends again and hits Brooke and ties them both up!! wait wtf!! He was actually crazy!! and then in self defensive Brooke tries to stab him but then stabs Lacey in her stomach basically killing her!! and to make matters worse Jim kills himself and there was so much blood !! I was like WTF!!

I seriously felt stupid I thought he was innocent and after a happy day I felt like I had been in trance and slapped in the face with reality. I left shook, no joke. I still can't get over it, I did not see any of this coming!! I seriously need to think about life after this one. 

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