POST: 'Angry Young Man' - you have to start somewhere

What's it about?

The life of a young Middle Eastern doctor named Yusuf and his not so warm welcome to England, chronicled through a 4 person cast acting as him.

What I experienced?

Usually when I enter the theater the first two rows are either taken or reserved. But this time I was in the front, me!, and I could not be more ecstatic. 

One of the cast members was roaming around the theater barefoot while people took their seats. He looked so comfortable, as if the theater was his living room. Now I must say, this cast member was in character the entire time, even though the show had not started yet. He had the wardrobe, accent (Middle Eastern), and body language running while he interacting with the audience. The entire cast (2 women & 2 men) was in sync, in terms of wardrobe. They started off with oversized brown suits, blue ties, and maroon dress shoes. The two women cast members were rocking those suits like it was no one's business. 

Each cast member played the one character that is in the center of it all, Yusuf. Yusuf arrived in England to have an interview for a possible position as a doctor at a hospital. Not knowing too much about English before he arrived, he unfortunately fell for the many schemes tourists experience. When he landed, he caught a cab and the driver not only brought him to the wrong destination but charged him three times the cost of the fare. When Yusuf refused to pay, he was robbed by the cab driver and kicked out of the cab with his belongings still in the cab. Precaution is always important for tourists. When I travel, I tend to be accompanied by someone very familiar with the country, so that I won't fall victim to such schemes. 

Yusuf was now penniless in a country unfamiliar to him. He found himself in a park where he was approached by a young man named Brian, who had witnessed what had happened to him. He felt for Yusuf and took him in, which is where the journey of Yusuf and Brian begins. They had their ups and downs, such as Yusuf falling in love with Brian's so called girlfriend and Yusuf getting in a brawl with racists in a bar while Brian was too drunk to help. After all of Yusuf’s trials and tribulations, Brian along with his friends and family eventually became Yusuf's family as well. Before we (the audience) knew it, Yusuf had adjusted to England, the language, the people's rudeness, and from time to time he would pay a visit to the place that changed his life forever, that park. Though he did not get the position as a doctor in the hospital (he never made it to interview), he settled for the janitor position at the hospital... I guess you have to start from somewhere. 

Want to see it?

Sorry, this show is not currently showing :(

What did you experience?

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