POST: 'And Then There Were None' - each keeps mysteriously dying

What's it about?

Eight individuals go on vacation to an island and stay at a guest house, however each keeps mysteriously dying and no one knows who the killer is.

What I experienced?

Have you ever read the Cam Jansen books? You know, the mystery series that they had in your, like, fourth and fifth grade class's library section? Well, even as an adult I still love the Cam Jansen series and have been all over it for the past week. Surprisingly, this play And Then There Were None, which is based on a book, is very similar to the Jansen series, but just an adult version that involves... murder. Dun, Dun, Dunnnnnnnnn!

There are eight individuals who get invited to a woman's home on an island (they all know her, of course), and they are expected to be there for about a week. However, the lady is not at her home, leaving the guests to meet her two butlers, and as the days go on, mysteriously, each person dies one by one. Now, I'm not going to lie, 20 minutes into the show, I became a little bored and tired. This is not a play that is fast paced, but rather a slow build up, but it's worth it when it gets to the action.

In the midst of a conversation between all of the guests in the living room, a voice reveals that each person in that room has killed someone, and it names who they killed. It warns that all of them are trapped in the house on the island, and are going to die. After one of the men drank the alcohol and choked into the hands of death, I was wide awake again and ready to become the female version of Sherlock Holmes, Benedict Cumberbatch edition.

With the characters being so complex, I found myself saying that one person was the suspect, then moving on to another. That's what this play does to you, it plays with your mind.... which also leads to frustration. There were two things that were funny about this show. The first was the way that people died onstage. It was highly dramatic and fake. There was even one moment when the last guy left with a gun was shot, and after being "dead" on the ground for 10 minutes, he quickly lifts his torso and shoots the real suspect. It was so fake and hilarious. The other funny thing about this show was the use of clues. I loved that, it played with the characters on stage and also with everyone of us watching. One clue was a board with ten soldiers on it, and as each person died, each soldier mysteriously vanished. Then there was a song next to the board that mimicked that nursery rhyme about monkeys jumping on the bed. It tells each of the individuals of how the next person would die. It went something like this:

8 visitors came to a home, one falls down
and hits his dome. The others did not know what to think,
but were shocked when they found cyanide in his drink.
7 visitors were left in the home, one went to sleep in
the blistering cold. They wrapped their neck as tight as
a rope, and was good to go like an envelope.


That was made up by me, but the first two characters died from being poisoned and strangulation. The show made me feel as if I was an investigator, and I liked that. It was truly a mystery that made me feel like I figured out at certain points, just to prove me wrong in the end. Well... not to brag, but I was right. I'm just not going to tell you who the suspect was, you'll have to find that out for yourself.

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