POST: 'Amelie' - such a cutie!

What's it about?

An awkward and painfully shy young woman finds joy in bettering the lives of others, while also mustering up the courage to be vulnerable and confront her crush.

What I experienced:

Amelie is such a cutie! This musical is based on the 2001 French movie Amelie and showcases an isolated young girl who grows into an awkward young adult who has a hard time expressing her feelings. In order to feel good, she lives her life through others and the good deeds that she does for them, while avoiding her own issues. However, along this yellow brick road (I mean this metaphorically), she meets an old man (“The Glass Man”) who helps her figure out her next steps in order to grow.

This musical was so quirky and alternative, yet a perfect coming of age play for someone like me, aged 20ish. I felt giddy watching as Amelie was trying to find ways to talk to her crush. It reminded me of how I went through lengths to avoid my crushes in middle school, but really just wanted their attention. She reminds me of my old self, just definitely more anti-social. I also loved the fact that Amelie was such a dreamer, and used her imaginations to make her life much more interesting. With that being said, as the musical went on, sis was starting to get on my nerves because she was playing too many games with the love interest! That unintentional push and pull technique DOES NOT WORK. I really wanted to give Amelie a little lesson in love.

I left this musical feeling giddy about life and the adventures that it brings when fears are being faced. This was evident through the lives that Amelie changed such as her father’s, her co-workers, the glass man, her love interest, and her own. You are never too old to change your life, and Amelie was my confirmation of that.

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