POST: Alvin Ailey - how did I forget?!?

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A collection of the legendary Alvin Ailey dances.

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Who knew this was going to be such a throwback to high school? I seemed to have just remembered the fact that not only was Alvin Ailey one of the biggest influences for my high school dance class, but also the fact that I had these dancers come to my school and teach us! How did I forget?!? Especially after how crazy intense this performance was.

Even after taking Ballet, Ballroom (still wondering when that is ever coming in handy), and everything that had to do with Ms. Martha Graham and Mr. Alvin Ailey - I still wouldn't really consider myself a ‘dancer’. I think I’ve done a good job of always being around real dancers to notice that my so called dancing isn’t really at the same level:


What certainly doesn’t get lost is the unique way that passion and emotion can be translated through dance. In a lot of ways, I think that dance has got this very specific way of evoking pain, that nearly seeps into one's own emotions while you watch it. In the second act, in a section called “Shelter” - I gotta say every contortion and contraction made me feel the pain and anguish of being someone without a home. Something I would otherwise never have known how it felt.

There are four sections (really the last act is made up of smaller dances, so more like 8 different dances). We have “The Golden Section”, which was so aesthetically satisfying to see. Everything was a warm gold, and these dancers bodies…. wow. Sculpted to the gods.

This section definitely was all based on strength and clearly had a lot of West African dance influence in it. I almost never use the word vivacious, but honestly it’s the best description for this section. I nearly got some Bey vibes from it… 😏

Then we have “Shelter”, which was so emotional. There was spoken word as narration for the struggle of calling the street your home. There are these parts of the dance that really trip me out, because it’s a physical representation it really plays with reality. The pain that the dancers are able to show with their bodies is incredibly genuine.  

After that was “The Hunt”, which all I’m gonna say is:


And finally “Revelations” - especially a throwback to my high school senior dance class. I went with Andrew (another PXP writer) to this performance and he can definitely vouch for my excitement and little sing-along sesh with this section. I still remember some of my routine... if only I wasn’t in a room full of people I might have busted a move.

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