POST: 'A Parallelogram' - would you want to know your future?

What's it about?

What would change if you knew your future? A woman who seems to have it all finds her answer to this question.

What I experienced?

I remember seeing CLICK 8 or 9 years ago and thinking it was Adam Sandler’s best film and now after all this time I’ve come to realize what it was trying to do was essentially what A Parallelogram turned out to be. Granted that entire era of what I considered to be “great films” included the Scary Movie franchise, The Hot Chick and White Chicks -  I KNOW they're bad, but it feels so good to watch such bad acting.

Putting aside my questionable past in film choices... this story follows a woman in her late twenties (whose name I’ve completely blanked on), she has her life all together and then all of a sudden her future self pays her a visit and from there on out shit gets messy. I know that since purchasing my very first Magic 8-Ball I have wondered what would it be like to know that something is going to happen before it does. Would you be able to avoid doing stupid sh*t and live a happier and fuller life? OR would knowing how you're gonna die be too sad and screw up the future?

***Spoiler alert***

Of course it sucks! That would just be round the clock anxiety for the rest of my life. I already get panic attacks just walking through Times Square, can you imagine knowing all the horrible things that are to come in my future? And I know that it’s pretty pessimistic to look purely at the negatives, but A Parallelogram explores all the aspects, the pros and cons of knowing your future. Although, I’ve thought about this concept (too) many times I had never thought about the most obvious part of this happening to someone. Like for example, the fact that everyone would think I was out of my mind and just hand me over to men in white coats with big needles. Not far from the truth, since likely finding out about something before it happens would drive anyone crazy. If you’re picturing That’s So Raven’s helpful psychic visions think again and imagine something more along the lines of Final Destination.

Bee has a boyfriend, a home, and a stable job. She seems happy, but only seems. It becomes clear that Bee’s life is more so concerned with convincing herself that she is happy, so when the whole CLICK situation happens her life is turned inside out. It’s almost like the stage curtain is pulled and she has a sort of The Truman Show reveal about what her life has truly turned out to be. Even her past choices come into play and every minuscule detail in blown up and overanalyzed. Because that is exactly what would happen if someone could magically tell you your future. The rest of your life from there on would be questioned and I know I would never be convinced by anything as being the “right” choice. All that’s happened is essentially locking yourself and seeing life go on through the bars of a bird cage. Call me cynical, but frankly I’d rather not know what is to come and even more specifically if it involves bad news. I’ve seen the Final Destination movies, no thank you ma’am.

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