POST: 'A History of Servitude' - was this a joke or was this really unfolding?

What’s it about?

 A History of Servitude covers a journey through history through the perspective of the most playful —possibly drunken-- characters you may ever meet in a theatre!

What I experienced?

I walked into the People’s Improve Theatre with the smell of good vibes caressing my nose. I don’t know what set me up for the mood of total and complete relaxation: maybe it was the bar and the smell of beer which teased me or the hum of laughter to my left. Whatever it was I was feeling it and could not wait to see what would unfold on the neon-red lit stage in front of me. The bright lights gave me the party thrill—and I was sitting in a bar chair, not exactly your typical theatre seat… but much better than the typical theatre seat.

A woman with a goofy looking mask skipped around the theatre like a cartoon sneaking into reality. “Hi, friend!” she said with a high pitched lisp. “Here ya go” she laughed as she tossed a sliver of paper in my direction before literally skipping off and twirling into the next row.

Ask a question for the most intelligent man alive.

What the hell did that mean? Was I actually supposed to write on it… was it a gimmick? Not knowing which I placed it to my left when the first muppet looking actor appeared onstage with a big-nosed mask. “I am the smartest man alive!” he began.

I don't know what sold me more, his screechy cartoon-like voice or his gestures as he bounced around the stage throwing sarcastic jabs. Whatever it was it made me laugh and I'm totally with laughing.

As the play proceeded I found myself in constant confusion and shock as characters switched to reality -- going from their masks to people realizing they were in a play. One of the characters became his actor out of nowhere as he took off his mask and said "Guys, I really wanna finish this play but another theatre company called me where I can make more money". It's moments like that I lived for because I sat in genuine confusion... was this a joke or was it really unfolding before me?

Whichever it was, it left me with my jaw dropped in confusion - the good kind of confusion.

The play journeyed through all of history erasing all the facts school taught me. According to this play, the pyramids consisted only of two blocks being moved back and forth, and the guy on the cover of "_______ for Dummies" was the inventor of a time machine which took the characters through their play.

WHAT. Did they really suggest that cartoon character on the cover of the "_______ for Dummies" series was responsible for time travel? My gosh. What was going on? The laughing which came from my mouth was near endless to the point that the play's ending made me feel like I had just done my best ab workout in months.

And as quickly as the play began it ended as abruptly as a joke: the actors literally said "Okay we're done" before running off stage and disappearing. I looked around at the fellow audience members who looked equally confused before we all just started cracking up.

I left wanting to keep these goofy characters from this goofy play with me. But I think the place best for them is in my memory where I can constantly play back the laughs and giggles.

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