POST: 'A Fifth Dimension: An Unauthorized Twilight Zone Parody' - what if that really happened?

What's it about?

A series of skits parodying classic Twilight Zone episodes.

What I experienced?

As a huge fan of The Twilight Zone, I was so excited to see this play. Growing up in the 90's, this was my Saturday afternoon JAM. The Twilight Zone basically explores various themes and topics by presenting them as weird events that happen in an alternative reality called "The Twilight Zone". Each episode usually ends with a thought provoking conclusion or question. I always loved the show as a kid because I wondered "What if that really happened?"

This play was that show but with JOKES. Speaking of nostalgia, this was doubly nostalgic because it was at the theater where I saw my very first show for PXP. Weirdddddd. I vaguely remembered being in the neighborhood before, but knew it was for a theater show when I almost missed the theater. NOTE: There is no sign, just a door with the number 85 on it. The last time I walked in not knowing what was behind this door but really hoping it was the theater. This time, I walked in knowing where I was going. 

During the show, there was one guy in the front corner that was DYING the whole time.  He was probably somewhat why the play got funnier because he was having such a good time and his laugh was contagious. The skits were HILARIOUS too. I remember there was one skit about a little girl that has a talking superhero doll who was really ZAZZY. At one point she tells a character "My name is Super Susie, AND I AIN'T YOU'RE BITCH." And I was like ohhhhhhhhhh snap. Super Susie got super sass! Plus, they opened the skit with the theme song to the Powerpuff Girls so I knew it would be good.

Another skit was about an apocalypse leaving one male survivor. Turns out the guy is a mega nerd who just likes reading books. He finds out another girl has survived, but is not having it. Boy ends up snapping the girl's neck! I was like WHAT?! but then he trips and breaks his glasses so he can't read anymore and I was like YAAAAAASSSSSS. HAHAHAHA. That's what you get!!

It was a roller coaster of freak events with great punchlines and surprises. I was into every skit more than the last. They put their own twist on things, like every other skit a character had a different accent. I was like HOLD ON. So you can do Brooklyn, British, Southern, and German authentically? DANG. And to think, I almost wrote off this play. The first skit was ehhhhh, so I wasn't really sure how they were going to have this be a parody of the show. But I did wait it out and it was so worth it.

Want to see it?

Sorry, this show is not currently showing :(

What did you experience?

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