POST: 'A Dog Story' - AN INVISIBLE DOG!! -_- WHAT??!?!?! NOOO!!!

What's it about?

A workaholic lawyer gets a dog in hopes of finding a wife so he can get promoted at work.

What'd I experience?

You know that feeling you get after a warm bath, and you snuggle into you blanket after a long day?
That’s how my experience with A Dog Story made me feel.

When I walked into the theater, I expected to see your normal stage on one side and seats facing the other, but this time, the stage was in the center with seats set up on either side. And guess what?!  I was first row, so it made me feel like I was IN the show myself.

Okay, so I love dogs, so naturally when Roland’s best friend, Guy, convinces him to get a dog in order to find a wife... I’m all “He IS the answer to all your problems.” Dogs are amazing, that’s my opinion. Since I’m so obsessed with cute doggies, you can imagine how excited I was when Roland came in with a dog crate. He opens it up and pulls out… AN INVISIBLE DOG!!   -_-   WHAT??!?!?! NOOO!!! I wanted to see a REAL dog dammit.

I was disappointed, but I soon forgot because the entire time I was just wondering if Roland would get the girl or if he would ever love his dog, Cupid. And the music! Oh, it was so upbeat, similar to the movie Enchanted. It made me feel like I was in a dream. It was cheesy, but I LOVED IT! And when I got home I just HAD to look up the songs.

Over time, I forgot the dog was invisible because they all seemed to think it was real. Miranda, Cupid’s trainer, sings Cupid a lullaby, and all I can say was when she sang I envisioned the puppy there and I felt all happy and warm inside.

But Roland loses Cupid!! OMG!!! I was so worried I felt sick to my stomach, and so did Roland. In that moment,  I realized he wasn’t using Cupid. He actually loved him. Turns out Miranda dognapped him because she thought he was going to abandon him at a shelter. #MEANIE She ends up realizing she was wrong and returns to Roland with... WAIT FOR IT……. A REAL PUPPY!!!!!! I nearly fell out my seat. He was SOOO cute and had widdle face!! OMG! I was dying.

After the show, another puppy, Willow, was introduced. She was up for adoption!! If I didn’t have a dog already, I would have taken her home. Willow and her foster owner were there to talk about WOOF Dog Rescue, a company that saves dogs and cats from being put down in shelters. I decided to look it up when I got home to help in any way. #teamdogs

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Sorry, this show is not currently showing :(

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