POST: 'A Brief History of Beer' - I must introduce you to one of my best friends...

What's it about?

A Brief History of Beer is a show where you learn a brief history of beer. No depth here, no hidden meanings. You just drink, and learn about what you're drinking.

What I experienced?

Before I get into this I have must introduce you all to one of my best friends Brian. Out of all of my friends, I have known him the longest, going all the way back to elementary school. Here's a picture of us graduating middle school, with a recent photo of us. And yes,  there's a elementary school one too, but it's buried behind other memories I don't feel like visiting at the moment so you'll just have to deal with it.

Faces censored and names placed on corresponding people in case you somehow got mixed up during the time skip.

Faces censored and names placed on corresponding people in case you somehow got mixed up during the time skip.

It took us about 10 years but we finally learned to open our eyes in pictures. So something like 15 years of friendship now, pretty much cementing the fact that we're stuck together for life. We're practically married at this point, and people do actually say we argue like a married couple. We've had each other's back through so much stuff, and have gotten into plenty of shit together. We've even had eerily similar events happen throughout our lives at the same time. For example (mostly just a reason to share another photo) we both got injured on New Year's this year. He got tackled playing football and tore his shoulder muscle, and I got shitfaced drunk at the party later on and slashed my face with a bottle while trying to open it for a friend with my teeth.

I have no idea what I'm holding in this picture. It looks like a stapler or flashlight and neither of those things make sense.

I have no idea what I'm holding in this picture. It looks like a stapler or flashlight and neither of those things make sense.

See? We're practically the same person. But anyway, the reason I'm introducing you to this magnificent beast is because he has never been to a play before. I know, kind of a blasphemous thing, especially when your best friend writes for a theatre blog. So, being the amazing best friend I am, I decided to treat my buddy to his first play, and what better kind of play to see then one about one of our favorite things to do: drinking.

Now when I thought about how I was going to write about this show, I had a fun idea in mind that totally wasn't an excuse to go out drinking on St. Marks. I figured we would see the show, and since it only covered one free beer, we could get completely shitfaced and audio record an interview/Q&A about his opinion on the show. You know, to get a more authentic vibe. Cool idea right? Well it would have been except for the fact the audio quality was complete garbage, the outside noise almost completely drowned us out, and I have no idea how to upload it in the first place. So instead I took the time and transcribed it into a nice little script. Feel free to read it out with a friend, act it out, or turn it into a play for some school project or something. Just credit me or I will sue you.

Without further ado, here are the drunken ramblings of two best friends:

Danny: Okay we're rolling
Brian: F***
D:  Okay. So what did you think of the show?
B: I liked it

(30 Seconds of silence)

D: Really? You're going to have to give me more than that. I'm not about to post a clip of you just saying "F***" and then "I liked it"
B: Well WHAT do you want me to say then?
D: We were just in a bar for like an hour you've had plenty of time to think about it HOLY SHIT PAPAYA KING IS STILL OPEN
B: Are you seriously thinking about eating that right now?
D: "ArE yOu SeRiOuSlY ThInKiNg AbOuT" - YES I AM. Look I'm just gonna get some f***cking curly fries and papaya juice so don't start with me. Just come in with me and it will give us some time to get our shit together.

(15 minutes went by of me accidentally recording us in Papaya King talking about completely irrelevant stuff)

D: Okay we're rolling
B: Good

(10 seconds of silence as I give him a disgusted look for his sass)

D: So, how was your first time seeing a show?
B: I liked it
B: I'M KIDDING. It was a great time. It felt real intimate. Are theaters normally that small?
D: Nah that's just Under St. Marks, its a real small one. It's like my favorite theater you get to see a lot of weird shit there. I almost cried there once.
B: I'm not surprised you are little baby

(10 seconds of me staring and reflecting on my life choices)

D: Anyway, what about. like, the show itself what did you like about it?
B: The concept was cool. the whole traveling through time and watching beer throughout history was cool. It felt a lot like an alcoholic 1st grade classroom with all the fun and dumb participation going on. I actually did end up learning some stuff. It's crazy to think how we wouldn't be where we are without beer.
D: Did you ever think theatre and drinking could mix in a fun way like that.
B: Not really. Is it a common thing?
D: There's a surprisingly big market for drunk theatre. But almost any show sells alcohol during it and some people do not hold back. I've watched people get plastered during the weirdest things. What did you expect going in for your first time?
B: I thought it would be boring honestly, the free beer was kind of what made it look promising. A lot of the time theatre just looked kind of dumb to me aside from a few shows you talked to me about. Once we were in there though and I felt the vibe coming from everyone and knew I was gonna have a good time.
D: Nah, yeah there is some theatre that could be "boring" but it comes down to preference. I like these little shows like this cus there's not all that pressure while you're watching it. So many other places it's like the tiniest sound from you and you'll get the death stare from like 50 uptight asses. Even if the play is fun and upbeat there will still be the people who get annoyed if you look like you're enjoying yourself.
B: See that's what kind of turned me off to a lot of it. We like to act dumb and shit when we go out so in a place like that I feel like it would be hard to get into. But we were in there and we were still able to act a bit stupid and have fun and it was encouraged. I get that yeah there are some plays where the topics are serious but like if I'm watching a show with some fire music I'm gonna feel it and not have to worry about people complaining.
D: Exactly. Especially if your with a group.
B: Yeah, like I get if you're alone it's a little weird though. Like you'd just look mad lonely turning to no one and joking around with yourself.
D: So is it something you'd be willing to do again?
B: Yeah, and not even a drunk one either. Probably another fun one, and maybe a serious one at some point but I can't see myself going to a depressing ass play all the time.
D: Yeah I feel that, you gotta be a sad boy every once in a while but not all the time.
B: Any more questions?
D: Nah
B: So we're done
D: I mean yeah there's probably more I could ask but I cant think of one right now
B: You wanna chill out here a bit more or start heading back home?
D: It's up to you.
B: Are you still recording?
D: Yeah
B: why the hell are you still recording?
D: Shit I don't know, I thought I would think of a question or something.

(End of recording)

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