POST: '1984' - ignorance-is-bliss days are long gone

What's it about?

Based on the book 1984 by George Orwell. 

What I experienced?

This is what it felt like...

I read the book back in high school (as did both the ppl sitting beside me, they wouldn't shut up about it) during my English professor's Orwell phase. Of course my mind was blown back then with all the 'big brother' stuff. I clearly remember googling political conspiracies as I was reading the book - let's just say that the hw and oral exam for that English semester was some of my best work in high school. I went full teen lawyer on the American government. 

But my teen "ignorance is bliss" days are long gone, because we've got a flamin' hot cheetoh in office and I can't laugh anymore about how shitty Orwell theorized the world would be. I can't imagine if I should be proud of George or if I wanna hate him for jinxing the future. Anyway, regardless of the suck that is our current administration I think there couldn't have been better timing for this story to be told.  

If you didn't have a real English teacher in high school, 1984 by George Orwell is basically a mixture of the reality TV show Big Brother + any Stanley Kubrick torture scene + the current US gov. All to make a more bloody outcome on stage. Like I am now 100% sure that I never want to be in trouble with any private (or public) branch of government, because I'd like to keep my finger tips and teeth all in their respective places, thank you! 

Blah blah blah, I refuse to give away anything that will make someone think they don't need to see this show. I'm gonna keep it simple on what it's about, just know that everything you're seeing is real and yes it will fuck with your mind, and if I've discovered anything, it is that the best things in life make me ask myself "what the fuck is going on?" like 30 times.  

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