POST: 'You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown' - "Why was I born just to be?"

What's it about?

Charlie Brown goes through an existential crisis and his friends help him along the way.

What'd I experience?

This show was in a church. Talk about a change of venue. Per usual, I got lost on the way there and couldn’t find my way around the theater. I almost walked into a sermon, and things could have gotten pretty awkward pretty quickly. Luckily, I asked someone and was directed to the right room.

For a show based on a children’s comic, this show got hella depressing. Charlie Brown has a nightmare about being a failure and his friends only confirm it. Talk about unsettling. In the dream, Lucy even tells Linus to stare at the perfect example of a failure. Ouch. The depressing tones don’t stop there. During lunch time at school, Charlie Brown talks about his loneliness and displays heartbreaking moments of self-doubt. When making eye contact with an unidentified red headed girl, he covers his head with a paper bag and even questions why she would even give him the time of day. There’s even a line that Charlie Brown later says, “Why was I born just to be?” I definitely wasn’t expecting such heavy topics in a show I associated with children, and it really got me thinking.

I was curious to see how Snoopy would be depicted or even at all. To my surprise, he was played by the most adorable child ever. My attention easily shifted towards him throughout the show. He had the cheesiest smile, which was to die for. He was always sleepy, witty, and cute on so many levels. Two of my favorite scenes were when Snoopy chased the Red Barrow and his shocking dance number about supper. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.

Now, I just straight up didn’t like Lucy from the very start. She gave me that mean girl vibe, and I wasn’t far off. She was conceited, rude, and overall one horrible person. She promises confidentiality to Charlie Brown but goes back on her word. She tortures her little brother. She treats Sally like crap and Schroeder like her pet. To be honest, I don’t even know how she had these friends to begin with. Lucy is pure evil. I’m team nice, and mean girls, aren’t my type. Of course, she realizes what a terrible person she’s been and helps Charlie Brown come to terms with who he is in the end, which is great. Still don’t like her. SHE can’t sit with US.

Coming up to the end of the show, there was a scene I fell in love with. The children have to write a one hundred word book report, and watching them write it was beyond hilarious. Procrastination was the option Charlie Brown took. Lucy tried speaking her mind, repeating the word “very” as much as she could and elongating any idea she had for as long as she could. She counted her numbers constantly and became exhausted. Linus had no trouble whatsoever, commenting on the socioeconomic issues raised in the text. That’s one smart kid if you ask me. I felt like each character was a phase of how I have, and still do at times, written my papers. I start off with a bit of procrastination. Then, I try to say what I think to get to the right page numbers, constantly checking to see if I have hit the right number. And by some miracle, by the end, I formulate this intelligent sounding paper I’m uncertain I even wrote. It was so cool and awesome to see the hilarious spin they took on it.

Charlie Brown was a very thought provoking show. I’m going to go ponder the purpose of life and the meaning behind everything now. 

Want to see it?

:( Sorry, this show is no longer showing