POST: 'YOUARENOWHERE' - alone and curious about other's lives

What's it about?

Andrew Schneider uses technology to comment on existentialism through scientific rants, modern culture, and personal revelations. 

What'd I experience?

I make my way to the theater, and this was probably the most anxious I've ever been before a show. Thanks to the ever so helpful MTA, it was nearly impossible to get to the theater, and I even left early. I went through tons of mix ups, and my lovely bus driver skipped my stop, even though someone pressed the button. I had an insane amount of heart palpations while I ran to make the show. Luckily, I made it only a few minutes late. The usher helped guide me through the darkness, which was definitely new for me. I sat at the nearest seat I could find, and of course, Andrew Schneider makes a comment towards me. Great. Solid first impression Mona. 

Watching this guy, you'd think he chugged a ton of Redbull with the amount of energy and excitement he had. That was Andrew and I loved that. I wished he could give me some of whatever he had. He was running around the stage, talking fast and making jokes. I felt like I was having a conversation with someone who was crazy passionate about science, and while I may not understand a pinch of science, I was interested in what he had to say. I may have played along like I did too.  You hold on to that passion sir. Passion's a good color on you.  

A lot of this show had technology, and it was POPPIN'. POPPIN'. It was the first show where I sat in complete darkness, which was petrifying and exhilarating at the same time. What's gonna happen next? Is he gonna randomly pop up in front of me? Who cares? This is cool. He used these insane strobe/colored lights too, so the audience got snippets of his motions, and I felt like I was in a rave. I was ready to party, and he didn't disappoint. He did this choreographed dance to this upbeat song, and I was probably the only one jammin' just as hard as he was. Hey, it was a really good song. I even looked it up after. It was called "Call Your Girlfriend" by Robyn. You're welcome. 

It ain't over yet, and it definitely wasn't. At one point, the curtain falls and my mind was blown. I spent a majority of the performance wracking my brain around what was going on. Honestly, I still don't know. At first,  I was like, okay. It's a mirror. Big whoop. Andrew was looking at his reflection, but wait. His reflections didn't align, and I was all WHAAAAAATT?  I stared at the audience around me, giving myself a pat on the back for my smart thinking, and pieced together that it wasn't a reflection. I just assumed it was a projection of the audience. Still haven't gotten me yet. Then, Andrew and his reflection step into each other's spaces. Trippy shit. Now, I'm thinking that it's just a show divided in half, performed by two different people and playing at the same time, but the audience disappears after the curtain goes back up. What the hell is going on here?  I have no idea, but it was pretty freakin' cool.  

I wasn't expecting him to get all deep and philosophical on me. He knew how to pull at this girl's heart strings. He talked about what made him sad, the fact that he's not close to people. The fact that he was alone. The fact that he couldn't be inside people's heads living their lives. Understanding them. The fact that he's okay with being alone. That hit me like a ton of bricks. He reminded me of a damaged puppy, and that was not okay. Hearing someone say those words gave me a flashback to when I've felt that way. Felt alone and curious about what other people's lives were like. If they were like mine or if it was just me. That's some deep shit man. Deep shit. 

He went on talking about how we existed in each other's realities too, but not in the way we think we do. It sounded smart and powerful. Deep even. Like one of those lines someone says, and you sigh and just nod your head like, "Mmmmm." I have no idea what it means though. How do we exist if it's not the way we think, and how do we think? What is that even in relation to? Love? Life? Time? Damn it. I must know. 

There's something I do know though. Andrew used a ton of sounds that resembled white noise. The type I associate with one's own head. You know when you're extremely overwhelmed? Like all this stuff is going on in your head and your life, so much that it becomes unbearable? Too hard to handle, and all at once all the thoughts blend into this flat type of sound? They just cancel out, and there's silence. White noise. Yeah. That. He plays THAT noise, and I felt like I got suckerpunched. NUUUUUUUU. To see him in that pain and to hear that noise, I just wanted to save him from it. Cover his ears. Erase the pain, but I couldn't. The only person that can turn off the white noise was him, leaving me cringing in my chair hoping and praying he pulls through. 


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