POST: 'Yokes Night' - I think the soulmate concept is dumb

What's it about?

Due to a legal loophole, all drugs are declared legal for 24 hours. We follow Harry on his goal to have one really awesome night during this time frame.

What'd I experience?

Obviously I didn't go into this show with high hopes for any of the characters involved. "All drugs are legal for 24 hours", guaranteed some shit is going down. People are going to be overdosing left and right, killing each other, and just filling themselves with every possible thing they can get their hands on. There was just no way anyone was walking out with a happy ending... right?

The show opened up on our main character, Harry, a kind of timid normalish guy, with an incredibly thick Irish accent. Like damn, I knew the show took place in Dublin but this accent was crazy. Luckily, I knew what he was saying, most of the time. Anyway, Harry wanted to have a rebellious night to try and change his attitude and build his confidence and figured this night of 24 hour drug craze was the perfect chance. So, he did what any responsible, thoughtful person would do and stole money from his mom's purse, did a bunch of drugs and went to the night club. Great idea. There's no way that any part of that can backfire at all.

At the club he ends up meeting this girl, Saoirse, one of the hardest names in the world to both spell and figure out how to say. It's at this point that I would like to add that it was a two person show, so my only thought was "wow thIs is a pretty lame club." Like I knew what was going on and everything, but the thought was still in my head the whole time. But anyway, they're both talking and stuff and they are both high out of their minds, and Harry is falling in love with her. At that point I knew that the poor guy was screwed. First of all, you don't know shit about this chick. All you did was get really f***ed up, went to a club, and had like one conversation, while she was equally if not more high than you. Secondly, you're high as f***. You're in no place to be making calls on whether or not you love a girl, and there's no guarantee you're even picking up vibes from her that are actually there or just you're imagination. Lastly, you're both so off your heads right now the whole situation is screwed from the start. Aside from any glaring consent issues that are going on, the girl is so far gone that she probably won't even remember the night or you. You're going to hit her up the next day saying "I had a great time the other night" or some other lame line and she'll just say "who are you and how did you get my number." Meanwhile you have her number saved in your phone as something like "Cute Girl From the Club" or "Saoirse" with some emojis or something next to it, all while you just came up on her phone as series of 10 digits. Then you're just going to be sitting alone in your room all sad over a girl who doesn't even remember your existence and is creeped out over some random guy hitting her up talking about their "great night." I feel like that got a bit off track and a little too real right there. Who hurt me?

Getting back to the topic at hand, obviously the night just goes to utter shit from there on. Despite the insanity that ensues from all of it, there are some surprisingly great themes that come out of it. The prominent one with Harry's character is the search for a "soulmate" and whether or not it is futile. Is it worth it to spend your life searching and searching for this one person among billions that is perfect for you and completes your soul? Or is it better to realize the futility of the quest and just settle for someone who may not be "perfect" or your "soulmate," but at least makes you happy? Honestly I think the whole soulmate thing is kind of a dumb concept, because thinking that there's one person who's right for you out of the billions in the world are pretty terrible odds. You're going to meet plenty of "soulmates" throughout your life, you just have to be willing to make it happen.

Finally stepping away from all this depressing love talk, the big overall theme of the show was actually government rebellion by the youth. The government has constantly screwed over furture generations with debt, social security, and countless laws that effect us and take advantage of us. So when the opporunity arises to take advantage of a government mistake, the youth of Ireland decides to go wild with it. Now I'm not saying the way to get back at our government is to have all of us get really high one night and fall in love, but to just not be complacent. Instead of recognizing that the government has screwed us over and posting a strongly worded status about it won't do anything. Find real ways to rebel. Don't start doing a bunch of illegal stuff, obviously, but make your voice heard.

Want to see it?

:( Sorry. This show is not currently showing.