POST: 'yeah, i met this girl...' - I found myself doing a lot of thinking

What's it about? 

Set around the time of Hurricane Sandy in New York City, yeah, i met this girl... is a bromance masquerading as a reflection on love and dating in the modern age. The perfect show to enjoy with your bros as Valentine’s Day looms on the horizon, waiting to make you feel badly about the status of your love life.

What'd I experience?

As a young person still trying to figure out what it means to love and/or be loved romantically, I revel in every opportunity I get to critically examine what love means, what it has meant, and what it could mean. To my disappointment yeah, i met this girl.... did not provide such an opportunity, leaving its analysis of love to just “a word with too many meanings.” How insightful. What I did... appreciate (but did not necessarily find enjoyment in) about the play was that is showed the different kinds of goodness and pain that surround the perpetual pursuit of romantic love from the perspective of the straight American male, the kind that I have easiest access to. 

The show starts by introducing its main men - Guy, Joe, and Ben - three best-friends who frequently congregate late into the night in Guy’s Manhattan restaurant to meet women, exchange dating advice, and of course, have many conversations that start with “yeah, I met this girl...” As someone who generally avoids spending much time around clusters of straight men, watching these guys I was reminded why. Though Guy, Joe, and Ben are certainly likable, good-hearted men, their explanations of why their romances fail place the blame primarily on the nature of women and on modern technology, never themselves. By evading any responsibility for their mistakes with women, the men are free to go “onto the next one,” as if a romantic partner can be discarded and replaced as easily as they are "picked up." Counterparts to the three bros are three women playing multiple, nameless characters, all credited on a single, shared line on the playbill as “The Girls,” as if to imply that the three are interchangeable. Surely there's nothing more a woman likes than being told how replaceable she is. 

With all of that said, I actually kind of enjoyed yeah, i met this girl… and found myself doing a lot of thinking. One scene in particular that will stay with me for a while: Guy and one of The Girls are on a first date that quickly escalates to a relationship and then a breakup as they communicate solely in questions, with each question answered by another more aggressive question, chronicling a relationship from first date to last fight. Watching this brief but increasingly turbulent exchange, I couldn’t help but wonder what my own attempts at romance would look like if they were distilled down to just the questions that were asked – and the ones that never were.

yeah, i met this girl… did not feel very hopeful to me, but I guess that is realistic (or at least that is what people say). It did not even attempt (kind of like the men I've known) to give me hope that I, too, will one day find The One and live Happily Ever After. After the show I walked out of the theatre and down St. Mark’s alone. And, this time, I didn't wish for it to be any other way. 


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