POST: 'Wolf In The River' - the point of no return

What's it about?

This play speaks about love, poverty, harsh realities, resilience, and unity in the most bizarre form of theater I have EVER seen in my life... so far... I guess.

What'd I experience?

I entered The Flea Theater and I was thinking "Oh, we walked in on their last group exercise." WRONG! A group was doing like a spiritual circle, performing a chant of some sort. Right when took my seat I felt that this was the point of no return, that I had left the city of New York and stumbled into the darkness that lies between other parts of the world.

The Man pops from out of the audience and begins to take off his shirt and shoes. This guy's body was cut up, like muscle wise. He began to explain what was going down. He had this very thick southern accent that for some reason seemed to fit the setting. He started talking about some girl and how he ate her. He had her clothes in a basket next to him: some sneakers, a dress, and a cell phone. He was saying eating and killing, but all I kept thinking about were sadistic killers out in the south or something who rape and torture their victims. 

Next thing you know, BOOM!!! Here's Tana, the girl he was talking about, completely naked in fear screaming. What the hell have I gotten myself into. She did as The Man told her, and he then started her story. They were now in her home and in came this girl and guy having sex with a blow up doll that had a picture of Miley Cyrus as the face!! The girl was Monty and the guy was Tana's brother Pin. Monty called Miley Cyrus a whore and a skank and she performed an amazing Miley Cyrus lip synch (that was personally my favorite part). She sung it to her boyfriend, another one of Tana's brothers Dothan. This number was awesome and EXTREMELY arbitrary.

Now this family was poor, I'm talking dirt poor, you really could not get poorer than this. The set stayed the same the whole time, it was a really disgusting fridge in the far upper corner that made me almost want to vomit and they kept everything in there. There were some unintentionally funny moments, and I laughed loudly just to lighten up the mood for myself because this just getting dark. The language was extremely vulgar and all the characters had a ominous kind of vibe, except for Tana. 

Tana was teased for being a virgin. There was this moment that gave me a good laugh when Tana and her boyfriend Debo first met. Debo was this funny guy from Chicago and throughout the scene he paddled behind the last rows in the audience to make it seem as if he was on a banana boat or something. Debo's faces throughout this scene were priceless. But the fun and games stopped real quick. 

Dothan's post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) touched me. This man looked like a beast but had stopped talking after himself when he came home. He hadn't been the same since he was back from the war and the play took us deep inside his head. It is sad to remember that our United States soldiers are coming back with mental battle scars that can permanently destroy a man. 

Towards the end Tana was climbing a rope and holding on to dear life as the long awaited WOLVES were clawing at her. These wolves had everything from the fur to the teeth with a lot of blood dripping from their mouth. Tana was surrounded by the wolves, but was then saved by an audience member.

The show had gotten so dark that I guess the only way to end things was to serve cookies and doughnuts and thats what they did. My friend called and asked me what I had just seen and I really could not answer her. I was bewildered being that it was a lot to process. 


Want to see it?

$20 tickets

Wolf In The River
The Flea Theater
thru May 16