POST: 'Wide Awake Hearts' - they were lying to themselves

What's it about?

Four friends are involved in the making of a movie and the border between real life and its resemblance is crossed.

What'd I experience?

Comfortably sitting in the theatre while waiting for the play to begin; unavoidably listening to four young women behind me back chat about dating, tinder and more - my time went by quickly. A ridiculous conversation in which they compared themselves and their dates to one another. I got a good set of inside laughs. I took it like a good boost to enjoy the play.

Looking at the program, the characters names seemed odd, named A, B, C and D.
A, being the writer of the movie they were to shot,
B, the actor and A’s best friend,
C, the actress and A’s wife,
and D, the editor.
There were small screens that resembled TVs, each exposing an image, in black and white, of each of the characters faces. Labeled like this they got me believing it was going to be a type of monologue-like act in which they would only retell their stories. To my surprise it wasn’t.  

Interestingly enough A, the writer, has invited his best friend to be a part of his new movie. A strong quick responsive man he is, he seems a little insecure at the same time. Upon his best friend’s arrival, B, there is a discussion involving his stay. Neither of them are convinced B should stay in A’s house, for he also lives with his wife, C.

As soon as she appeared it became obvious. I realized, with an intrigued look, this was A’s insecurity, and it didn’t seem to be stemming from just this one encounter, but rather from a long time back.

As they settled in a decision, C’s participation was undoubtedly crucial, she insisted upon B’s stay. Even though she realized her husband wanted to gain something else, for he insisted on the fact that nothing bad could ever go wrong by having his best friend live in the same place as he and his wife, in fact he kept trying to make B reassure this. All in all, I realized these characters were just talk and neither of them at any point was going to admit real thoughts.

With no real set and no more than four chairs and all but a bottle of wine and four cups - that was what was included beyond a black background and stage. Confusing and challenging at the same time, I found enjoyment in using my imagination to place these characters in a setting.

While they were still at their apartment and B had left, A and C kiss intensely, trying to prove to each other that there is nothing that can separate the two of them. From my point of view, they were lying to themselves even more, trying to cover their true feelings towards each other.

All of this reminded me of the telenovelas that I watch at home. I believed I had it all figured it out. The woman doesn’t love her husband as she did once (if she ever did) because that feeling is simply gone. She is either with another person or has different interests, the point being that she seeks something else. Then we also have the husband’s best friend who turns out has always been in love with or has fallen in love with his best friend’s wife. Meanwhile he also has somebody on his back, but who he cannot correspond with, simply because his heart doesn’t belong to this other. The ultimate sacrifice is then presented, trying to force love to triumph and allow all to live happily together. 

Interestingly, those outcomes were what came, to my surprise.
Well, to a point, I was right.

I left perplexed by the ending. I felt like it hadn’t been a right one. The fact that it wasn’t a happy one was bothering me. It seems funny that, I had to watch a reflection of life to understand it in real terms. But exactly how much of it was real and how much of it became surreal?  After the “happy ending” of other stories about life, I don't get to continue following the lives of the characters because there simply is no life to follow; it is clearly said, there is an end. In real life, there is no ending until our last breath has been taken. So the challenge is figuring out how to make a better and happier mode of life after any event has crossed us.

 "The guy was ok, but he is divorced and has a kid. I don't think I am ready for a relationship like that" suddenly rushes back up to my mind from the girls' conversation before the show. 


Want to see it?

$10-$20 Student Rush

Wide Awake Hearts
59 E 59 Theaters
thru Feb. 7