POST: 'Wicked' - she was just misunderstood

What's it about?

A girl who doesn’t seem fit in, but continues to sing her way through those who don’t believe in her.

What'd I experience?

I don’t think there’s any other Broadway theater that’s as big and beautiful as The Gershwin Theatre. As I got on different sets of escalators to where I would be sitting I felt like I was in an arena. I felt like I was going to see a sports game or my favorite artist perform. It’s not like a theater where you just walk in and go straight to your seat, the theatre itself is an entire experience. Its decorated around “Wicked.” There are exclusive pieces from the wardrobe on display and promotional images all over the theatre. I just felt like I was on a trip (by myself) and I wasn’t supposed to be here but I snuck myself in like a little kid.

Elphaba, a girl who was born green felt like an outcast. When I say green, I mean GREEN! Like her entire body is green! As I kept looking at her I felt bad because it wasn’t like she was a pale green or a pastel green. She was a LOUD, LIME, NEON, GRANNY SMITH APPLE GREEN!

I knew that dealing with her skin and trying to fit in had to be hard for her, especially in school. You know kids bully each other for no reason but her reason was so apparent, I knew she had to have a rough childhood.

BUT - Elphaba was born with magical powers. Whenever she was frustrated, mad, or felt a strong emotion her powers would take over and work in her favor to change the situation at hand. All I kept thinking was, what a gift? Do you know what I would do if I could magically transform a situation when I am frustrated?! I’m telling you, a lot of people would have zippers over their mouths that only I could zip shut when I wanted to!

Her powers were out of control. She didn’t know what she was doing with them. She just knew that they took over when she felt strongly about thing. She needed guidance and training on how to channel them wisely.

She found training at school and was sent to meet The Wizard. Although her professor sent her alone to meet The Wizard, Elphaba brought her friend Glinda along with her. Now, that’s when I thought she went wrong. That’s like bringing a friend with you to a job interview. That’s not a smart idea. What if The Wizard liked Glinda more and next thing you know you’re no use to him, all because you wanted to be nice and bring a friend? Sometimes, you’ve got to put yourself first and face the world alone.

The Wizard made Elphaba cast evil spells without her knowing. She was using her powers for evil instead of good against her will. She ended up escaping Oz and “flying solo.” She was just a girl who was misunderstood. She was a girl who was judged based off of her appearance and not so much her heart. She was so against casting evil spells that she ran away from Oz, that showed me that she was a girl with feelings and sympathy. She wasn’t evil she just, I guess, looked like it. I mean her green body was pretty scary but her appearance didn’t define her.

I know this might sound cliché, but this musical really embodies everything about the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” and Elphaba proved everybody wrong.

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