POST: 'Vietgone' - it made me put things in perspective

What's it about?

A man and woman learn how to start their lives all over again.

What'd I experience?

I was early to arrive and I was fortunate enough to have the entire row to myself and I didn’t want to get excited because it was still kind of early. As the show time came closer an usher walked around and lwhen she got to me and told me I could move I gave her a nice “No, thank you,” because I knew I was not going to give up an entire row to sit next to somebody. I love having my own space, it's everything to me.

The show focused on a guy named Quang and woman named Tong, who are both from Vietnam. Quang and Tong escaped Vietnam and ended up meeting each other in an American refugee camp. They escaped Vietnam due to the tragic events during the Vietnamese war. Knowing that they left because of the war that was going on really made me take a second and put things into perspective. It made me think about how many people in this world are refugees, how many people have to relocate due to senseless acts. People lose their homes and loved ones because of war and those things can’t be replaced. Of course, you can buy another house and call it a home but the emotional and sentimental value of the environment in which you were accustomed to is now no longer. The hardest and scariest part in my opinion is starting over.

Quang left his wife and two children behind with the hopes of coming back for them and Tong left her younger brother behind. Turns out there was no possible way for Quang to go back to Vietnam and successfully get his family back without dying. He was indeed Vietnamese but the fact that he was a pilot that was trained in America was something that would get him killed back home.

One of his friends, who is also a refugee, helped him realize that going back home wasn’t realistic. Quang wanted to go even if it meant that he would die. He would be satisfied with dying rather than to live and not try at all. I absolutely agreed with Quang but I also understood what his friend was saying. It was so emotional for me to watch this because I imagined that this must be the reality of so many other refugees. People literally leave their families behind because of unfortunate events. I can’t imagine my life without my entire family and I don’t even want to.

Quang and Tong both left their loved ones back home but they found love with each other. They found comfort in each other. They literally found refuge in each other. They were two people who experienced similar events which made them perfect for one another. They fell in love and I know this might sound very Disney but they did live happily ever after!

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