POST: 'Underground Railroad Game' - I was in middle school all over again, and my teachers were crazy

What's it about?

The journey of being back in a middle school classroom, in which the teachers have an interesting new game for the students to play. Don't forget the safe word "Sojourner"

What'd I experience?

Remind me again why I decide to major in Law?? As I'm sitting in class with a graded quiz in front of me all I could do is shake my head, The quiz was just there staring at me, there was a point where I felt the quiz had eyes... as I come back to reality I hear the professor saying "it's only 10 percent guys you'll be fine"  maybe he's right, but this red ink on the quiz is making my head hurt.... or is it just the grade? Professors should use more happy colors like Blue or Orange if the individual gets a bad grade, but red?? That made it worst. At this point all I want to do is go home and wrap my self with my blanket and turn into a burrito, the last thing I want to do is watch a play. Maybe I'm being overly dramatic but come on! 10 percent is a lot!  


Surprisingly the Ars Nova theatre is close to my school, things are going my way now. The best part is I didn't even need to use google maps! Ha. but things get even better on my way to the theatre I was able to use Spotify without any problem, let me explain so basically my girlfriend, my friend and I share it, and for the first time in a long long time, it's all mine. I'm over the quiz at this point, now I'm just excited to watch this play. Hey, look at that you guys were probably thinking I was going to be grumpy at this point!   

As I'm finally inside the theatre, the box office couldn't find my tickets.... (why must this happen to me) maybe this was karma for being so aggressive in trying to be first in the theatre , let me skip to the part where I'm in the theatre no need to be dramatic again. I'm siting in the front after all this... yes! That's the only word that came to my head to describe this moment   

The advertising wasn't wrong when it said audience members must be 18 and over. If you're looking to watch a play that is going to make you laugh, feel awkward, scratch your head and have nudity. This is the play for you!   

Do you remember your first day in middle school? Or the teachers you had? Well, tonight I had an opportunity to relive that moment. I was in a middle school all over again, and my teachers were beyond crazy. I don't remember ever having two teachers in one class, especially both being the opposite sex/race (A play where the actors are interracial, I love it already).  

As class started, the teachers were teaching the class on how to play the underground railroad game. The game is simple. Here are details, each student is assigned to be a Confederate soldier or a Union soldier. With the luck I'm having today, of course, I was a Confederate soldier (I was not happy about this). The task for the Confederate soldiers is to catch slaves that are running away, for every slave one catches the more points the team gets... what???!! Trust me you're probably thinking, what type of play is this?!, don't worry I was asking myself the same question. But as a Union Soldier, you're duty is to help the slaves escape. Simple right? This is where the game does a weird shift and the teachers have a sexual encounter while the game is going on. Oh man, I love twists!! But this is one I wasn't ready for - let's just say I don't think I'm ever going to see the profession of teaching the same.   

I don’t want to keep going and spoiling the play, but there was this one point where the words "N****r Lover" were said. I don’t know why but I felt uncomfortable - not because of who said it but because of the number of times it was said. It made me think back in history on how interracial couples were treated just for loving someone who didn’t necessarily have the same color of skin. This is when I realized the Underground Railroad Game wasn’t a game but a lesson of how far things have changed. When I had that moment *bell rings*, class was over! 

Want to see it?

$25 Student Rush

Underground Railroad Game
Ars Nova
thru Oct. 29